Bergedorfer Zeitung

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Bergedorfer Zeitung
description Subscription daily newspaper
publishing company Bergedorfer Buchdruckerei
First edition November 1, 1874
Frequency of publication Monday to Saturday
Sold edition 15,595 copies
( IVW  Q2 / 2014)
Editor-in-chief Wolfgang Rath (editor-in-chief)
executive Director Claas Schmedtje
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ZDB 290640-5

The Bergedorfer Zeitung is a regional daily newspaper that has appeared in Hamburg since 1874 . It mainly reports on the Bergedorf district with the Vierlande and Marschlande as well as the cities of Glinde , Geesthacht , Lauenburg , Schwarzenbek and Reinbek . The newspaper is identical in layout and content to the Lauenburgische Landeszeitung - apart from the front pages, the contents of which differ. The newspaper gets the supraregional part, the so-called coat , from the Funke Zentralredaktion , the Hamburg / Schleswig-Holstein pages come from the Hamburger Abendblatt .

The future of the newspaper seems uncertain. Since the economic framework conditions are extremely difficult, according to the works council, several of the 53 employees (as of November 2017) should have to leave the house, the editorial offices of Geesthacht, Lauenburg and Schwarzenbek are to be combined in Geesthacht. The publisher wants to save costs of over one million euros, which is why it is probable that the editorial offices will be redundant for operational reasons.

The sold circulation was 15,595 copies in 2014, a decrease of 31.3 percent compared to 1998.


The Bergedorfer Zeitung was founded in 1874 by the master printer Eduard Wagner from Leipzig. This makes it the daily newspaper with the longest tradition in Hamburg, alongside the Harburg advertisements and news . The later publisher Axel Springer did an internship there in the early 1930s. In 1943 the publication was discontinued due to the war and resumed in 1949.

The paper later attracted special attention when the then Federal Chancellor Helmut Schmidt commented on the political events under the title “Our man in Bonn”. On January 1, 1971, Axel Springer Verlag initially acquired a 20 percent stake in the paper, and three years later it was completely taken over.

Axel Springer AG sold the Bergedorfer Zeitung / Lauenburgische Landeszeitung on December 31, 2013 to the Essener Funke media group (formerly WAZ group).

On June 30, 2016, the prepress area was outsourced to FUNKE PrePress in Erfurt. The shedding of around 40 jobs in the Bergedorfer Buchdruckerei was done in a socially acceptable manner, according to the company.


The Bergedorfer newspaper , like most German newspapers in recent years to rest lost. The circulation sold fell from 22,707 copies in the first quarter of 1998 to 15,595 copies in the second quarter of 2014. A decrease of 31.3 percent. Since the third quarter of 2014, the circulation has been reported together with the Hamburger Abendblatt .

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