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Film awards are mostly given either at film festivals or by the film industry . Usually, it is used to award film artistic achievements . As the first award for a film was 1920 US -American Photoplay Award awarded.

But there are also film prizes for commercial success, such as the golden screen in Germany (for at least three million visitors to a film). In addition to films, awards are sometimes also given for the professional achievements that have contributed, e.g. B. supporting and leading actors , direction and camera work , scripts or the music of a film.

Film Industry Awards

By far the most famous film award of all is the American Academy Award , better known as the Oscar , which is awarded annually in numerous categories as part of a glamorous show event in Los Angeles . A few weeks earlier, Hollywood's foreign press presented the Golden Globe Awards , which usually point to the expected Oscar awards. In contrast, the Golden Raspberry awards the worst cinematic achievements of a year.

The European film award has been the European equivalent of the Oscars since 1988 , but its media charisma and level of awareness among the broader cinema audience are still below the US model for the time being.

The German Film Prize , well endowed by the German federal government , has seen a change in image and has been awarding a statuette named Lola since 1999 . The German Film Prize has been awarded by the members of the German Film Academy since 2005. There has been resistance to this allegedly commercially dominated approach to film art, which is expressed, among other things, in the Festival of German Film , which opposes the German Film Prize with the film art prize, which is to be awarded by a jury based on demanding artistic criteria.

National film awards


country movie Award awarded since comment
Belgium Prix ​​Magritte 2011 Original name: "Les Magritte du cinéma"; from 1985 to 2007 the "Joseph Plateau-filmprijzen" / "Prix Joseph Plateau" was awarded
Denmark Bodil 1948
Denmark Robert 1984
Germany German film award 1951 also known as "Lola" since 1999; in the GDR, the National Feature Film Festival was held from 1980 to 1990 in parallel
Finland Jussi 1944
France César 1976 from 1955 to 1975 the Étoile de Cristal was awarded
Great Britain British Academy Film Award 1948 Abbreviated BAFTA Award, formerly also known as "Stella"
Ireland Irish Film and Television Award 1999 also known as the "IFTA Award"
Iceland Edda 1999
Italy David di Donatello 1956 also known as "David"
Netherlands Golden calf 1981 Original name: "Gouden Kalf"
Nordic countries Nordic Council Film Award 2002 also known as the "Nordic Film Award"; for Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish feature films
Norway Amanda 1985
Austria Austrian film award 2011
Poland Polish film award 1999 Original name: "Orzeł"
Russia Nika 1987 Original name: "Ника"
Sweden Guldbagge 1963
Switzerland Swiss film award 1998
Spain Goya 1987
Czech Republic Bohemian lion 1993 Original name: "Česky lev"


country movie Award awarded since comment
Argentina Silver Condor 1943 Original name: "Premios Cóndor de Plata"
Australia AACTA Awards 1963 known as the Australian Film Institute Award ("AFI Award") until 2012 (not to be confused with the American Film Institute award of the same name )
Brazil Grande Prêmio Brasileiro de Cinema 2000
China Golden rooster 1981 Original name: 金雞 獎  /  金鸡 奖 , Jīnjījiăng
Hong Kong Hong Kong Film Award 1982 Original designation: 香港 電影 金像獎  /  香港 电影 金像奖 , Xiānggǎng Diànyǐng Jīnxiàngjiǎng , short: 香港 金像獎  /  香港 金像奖 , Xiānggǎng Jīnxiàngjiǎng  - "HKFA"
India National Film Award 1954 also known as the "National Awards"
Israel Ophir Award 1982 formerly known as the "Prize of the Israeli Film Academy" (original name: "Tekes Halukat Prasei Ha'Akademia Ha'Israelit Le'Kolnoah")
Japan Kinema Jumpō Prize 1925 Original designation: キ ネ マ 旬報 ベ ス ト ・ テ ン ("Kinema jumpō besuto ten")
Japan Japanese Academy Award 1978 Original name: 日本 ア カ デ ミ ー 賞 ("Nippon Academii Shō")
Canada Genius award 1980 For the French-speaking province of Québec, the Prix ​​Jutra (English: "Jutra Award") has been awarded separately since 1999
Mexico Premio Ariel 1946
Namibia Namibian Theater and Film Awards
New Zealand New Zealand Screen Award 2001 known as the New Zealand Film and TV Awards prior to 2005; Awarded in 2007 as the "Air New Zealand Screen Awards"
Philippines Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences Award 1952 also known as the "FAMAS Awards"
South Korea Grand Bell Award 1962 Original name: 대종상 영화제 ("Daejongsang Yeonghwajae")
South Korea Blue Dragon Award 1963 Original name: 청룡 영화상
Taiwan Golden Horse Award 1962 Original designation: 臺北 金馬 影展 獎  /  台北 金马 影展 奖 , Táiběi Jīnmǎ Yǐngzhǎnjiǎng , short: 金馬獎  /  金马奖 , Jīnmǎjiǎng

Guild Awards

In the USA in particular, the prizes that are awarded annually by the so-called Guilds are also very popular, especially since those honored here are very often the later Oscar winners. In the respective guilds, only those people who are or were also active in the respective area give their votes. Many of the people who have been honored so often see this as a particularly great honor.

Some of the existing Guild Awards :

Festival prizes

While film industry awards usually rate all films in a year, film festivals only award their awards to the current films they have selected, most of which have not yet been evaluated in the cinema. While the Oscars are awarded by members of a film academy, festival prizes are awarded by international, often prominent juries. The international association of film critics ( Fédération Internationale de la Presse Cinématographique ) also awards the FIPRESCI Prize at the most important festivals .

The prices of the most important film festivals (" A-Festivals ") have a golden shimmer:

Film Review Awards

Critics 'awards, ie film awards that are awarded annually by critics' associations, differ from industry awards (ideally) in that they prioritize the artistic quality of a film over its commercial potential. Here are some examples:

Special film awards

Every year the music broadcaster MTV bestows one of the most modern film prizes there is to be awarded : the MTV Movie Awards . Categories such as "Best Film Kiss" or "Best Film Villain" are also honored here.

Another highly regarded film prize is the Teddy Award given at the Berlinale for the best productions with a gay / lesbian background.

The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films has presented the Saturn Award in the USA every year since 1972 .

The Imagen Foundation has been presenting the Imagen Award in the USA every year since 1985 in a similar range of categories as the Oscar for the best actors, productions, films with Latino backgrounds.

The International Literary Film Prize has been awarded at the Frankfurt Book Fair since 2004.

The editing prize has been awarded annually since 1999 for the best editing performance in the categories of feature film, documentary film and the promotion of Film +, Cologne's forum for film editing and montage art.

The German Short Film Award has been awarded by the Federal Government since 1956. In 2002, the regulations for the German Short Film Award were completely redesigned.

The Austrian Undine Award was presented annually from 2004 to 2008 in Baden near Vienna to the best German-speaking young actors.

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