European Film Academy

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Seat of the European Film Academy on Kurfürstendamm in Berlin

The European Film Academy eV (EFA, English European Film Academy ) was founded on the initiative of European filmmakers to represent the interests of the European film industry. Berlin has been the seat of the association since the beginning .

The EFA brings together around 3800 filmmakers and has been awarding the European Film Prize every year since 1988.


In November 1988, the European Cinema Society was founded by filmmakers on the occasion of the first award ceremony . The first president was the Swedish director Ingmar Bergman . From 1991 it operates under the name "European Film Academy". In 1996, he was replaced by German filmmaker Wim Wenders , while British producer Nik Powell was elected as the new chairman. The French producer Humbert Balsan became the new chairman in 2003.

European film award

The EFA awards the European Film Prize every year . It has been on the Treasures of European Film Culture list since 2015 to honor places with a special symbolic meaning for the history of film in Europe.


In 2016, EFA received the Charles Medal for European Media .

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