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The Japanese Academy Award (Japanese: 日本 ア カ デ ミ ー 賞 , nippon akademī shō ; English: Japan Academy Film Prize ) is the most important film award in Japanese film art. Since 1978, outstanding achievements in the field of film have been honored annually in Tokyo . It is thus much younger than the Kinema Jumpō Prize . In contrast to many other award ceremonies, the Japanese Academy Awards do not take place on a fixed date, only the period between February and April is fixed.

The categories are similar to those of the US Academy Awards . The films from the previous year will be awarded at the award ceremony. The winners will be selected from among the recipients of the Outstanding Achievement Award.

Some critics view the Japanese Academy Awards as a popularity contest rather than an award for excellent films. For example, the internationally acclaimed and award-winning film Nobody Knows (2004) received only one nomination in the Best Supporting Actress category .


category Original designation awarded
Best movie 最 優秀 作品 賞sai yūshū sakuhin shō since 1978
Best director 最 優秀 監督 賞sai yūshū kantoku shō since 1978
Best script 最 優秀 脚本 賞sai yūshū kyakuhon shō since 1978
Best Actor 最 優秀 主演 男 優 賞sai yūshū shuen dan'yū shō since 1978
Best main actress 最 優秀 主演 女優 賞sai yūshū shuen joyū shō since 1978
Best supporting actor 最 優秀 助 演 男 優 賞sai yūshū joen dan'yū shō since 1978
The best supporting actress 最 優秀 助 演 女優 賞sai yūshū joen joyū shō since 1978
Best young actor 新人 俳 優 賞shinjin haiyū shō since 1982
Best music 最 優秀 音 楽 賞sai yūshū ongaku shō since 1978
Best camera 最 優秀 撮 影 賞sai yūshū satsuei shō since 1980
Best lighting 最 優秀 照明 賞sai yūshū shōmei shō since 1980
Best production design 最 優秀 美術 賞sai yūshū bijutsu shō since 1980
Best tone 最 優秀 録音 賞sai yūshū rokuon shō since 1980
Best cut 最 優秀 編 集 賞sai yūshū henshū shō since 1988
Best technology 最 優秀 技術 賞sai yūshū gijutsu shō 1978-1979
Best animated film 最優 ア ニ メ ー シ ョ ン 作品 賞 sai yū animēshon sakuhin shō since 2007
Best foreign film 最 優秀 外国 作品 賞sai yūshū gaikoku sakuhin shō since 1978
Academy Award 協会 栄 誉 賞kyōkai eiyo shō 2006
Special price of the chairman 会長 特別 賞kaichō tokubetsu shō
Special award from the academy 協会 特別 賞kyōkai tokubetsu shō since 1991
Most popular film 話題 賞 ・ 作品 部門wadai shō - sakuhin bumon since 1980
Most popular performer 話題 賞 ・ 俳 優 部門wadai shō - haiyū bumon since 1980

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