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The New York Film Critics Circle is a film critics association based in New York City , which awards the New York Film Critics Circle Award, one of the most important film awards in the USA .


The New York Film Critics Circle was formed in 1935 in response to a series of Oscar awards which were widely criticized by film critics in the eastern United States. You accused the Oscar jury of being dependent on the Californian film studios and the particular taste of Hollywood . While membership in the New York Film Critics Circle was initially limited to film critics who worked for daily newspapers, weeklies and magazines based in New York City, individual critics from the US West Coast have also been accepted into the association since the 1980s.

movie Award

The film award, which the New York Film Critics Circle has awarded annually since 1935, is considered to be one of the highest awards that a film or a film artist can receive in the USA. The organization currently has 29 film critics from New York dailies, weeklies and magazines. Up until 2010, they almost always met in December to identify and announce their award winners from among the films that have come out during the year. The awards ceremony followed one month later, in January. In 2011, the announcement of the winners was brought forward to the end of November.

The New York Film Critics Circle Award is presented in the following categories ("Awarded since" indicates the year of the film, not the year of the award ceremony):

category Original designation awarded since
Best movie Best picture 1935
Best director Best Director 1935
Best Actor Best Actor 1935
Best main actress Best Actress 1935
Best supporting actor Best Supporting Actor 1969
The best supporting actress Best Supporting Actress 1969
Best script Best screenplay 1956
Best camera Best Cinematographer 1980
Best foreign language film Best Foreign Film 1936
Best animated film Best Animated Film 2000
Best documentary Best Non-Fiction Film / Best Documentary 1980
Best first work Best First Film / Best New Director 1989

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