A man is being hunted

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German title A man is being hunted
Original title The Chase
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1966
length 124 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Arthur Penn
script Lillian Hellman
production Sam Spiegel
music John Barry
camera Joseph LaShelle
cut Gene Milford

The Chase ( The Chase ) is an American film drama by Arthur Penn from the year 1966 . Lillian Hellman wrote the screenplay based on the play The Chase by Horton Foote .


Sheriff Calder works in the small Texas town of Tarl. Although he attaches great importance to his incorruptibility, he is considered the vicarious agent of the local oil magnate Val Rogers. Petty crook Charlie 'Bubber' Reeves, whose arrest Val Rogers contributed to, escapes from prison and wants to return home. Bubber's wife Anna is also deeply in love with Jason, the son of Val Rogers.

Many locals are hostile to Reeves for a variety of reasons. This includes Edwin Stewart, who, at the age of 16, stole money from a shop, for which Reeves was accused and who also went to a reformatory for the first time . Stewart fears that Bubber will take revenge on him. In addition, Bubber's accomplice in the outbreak killed a driver while trying to escape, but Bubber is suspected because of the fingerprints he left behind.

Bubber hides in a junkyard in Tarl and assigns the owner, a black man, to call his wife in order to provide him with money and new clothes. Calder finds out about this and offers Anna and Jason to wait an hour. He wants them to convince Bubber to volunteer. It's a hot night, and many of the Tarl residents are heavily drunk and looking for fun and riot. Val Rogers and some people from town break into the sheriff's office and use force to obtain information about where Bubber is hiding. When other people get wind of the hiding place, a whole horde of cars sets off for the junkyard. The lynch mob tries to drive bubbers out of the junkyard by setting fire. Jason Rogers is fatally injured in a gasoline explosion. Sheriff Calder manages to get the fugitive safely into his car with a drawn revolver. But immediately before entering the sheriff's office, a resident struck him down with several shots.

Frustrated by the stubbornness and viciousness of the residents, Calder and his wife leave town the next morning.


The film was shot in California . It was edited under time pressure under the guidance of producer Sam Spiegel without consulting the other participants.


The lexicon of international films says: "At times, a dense and gripping attempt to paint a startling picture of the American southern states ruled by racial hatred and prejudice in the 1960s; however, the drama lacks intellectual and ethical determination."

Prisma magazine rated the film in its online film database with three out of five possible stars and judged: “ Veteran director Arthur Penn (...) staged the first-class and gripping social drama based on a play by Horton Foote and created a disillusioning portrait of Texan honest men and arsonists. Penn's direction makes the turmoil between rationality and violence, control and intuition, self-control and impulsiveness, order and destruction tangible. It's just a shame that producer Sam Spiegel had the opus totally shredded. Hollywood legend Marlon Brando shines here as a courageous sheriff who does not allow himself to be dissuaded from the line he has taken, while Robert Redford, who was hardly known at the time, can be admired as the hunted by the pack. "

The Protestant film observer draws the following conclusion: “ A very critical film about America, rousing in its teachings, convincing in its artistic design. "


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