December 29th

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The December 29 is the 363rd day of the Gregorian calendar (the 364th in leap years ), so stay 2 days to the year.

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Politics and world events

1874: Alfonso XII.
1890: Chief Spotted Elk , dead in the snow at Wounded Knee
1978: Coat of arms of the King of Spain
1989: Václav Havel (2009)


  • 1863: The freshwater canal from the Nile to Suez is completed. The drinking water supply for the 25,000 workers employed in the construction of the Suez Canal will be safer and cheaper.
1981: Singapore Changi Airport

science and technology

1893: pair of galaxies IC 298


1899: Elizabeth Wolstenholme Elmy
  • 1899: The humanist and poet Elizabeth Wolstenholme Elmy writes the song War Against War in South Africa
  • 1917: The last issue of the German cultural magazine March appears.
1922: Poster for the world premiere of Nathan the Wise


1610: Elisabeth Báthory
  • 1610: When her servants and peasant daughters are no longer enough as sacrifices and she also attacks noble daughters, the castle of the Hungarian Countess Elisabeth Báthory is stormed. Countless corpses, body parts and surviving victims of the "Blood Countess" are found there.
  • 1983: Princess Caroline of Monaco and the son of an industrialist Stefano Casiraghi marry, almost completely closed to the public .


The assassination of Thomas Becket


1837: Winter Palace

Minor accidents are listed in the sub-articles of Disaster .


Entries of track and field world records can be found under the respective discipline under track and field .


Before the 18th century

18th century

Johann Christian Poggendorff (* 1796)

19th century



Werner Scholem (* 1895)

20th century



Dieter Thomas Heck (* 1937)


Bruce Beutler (* 1957)


Jane Levy (* 1989)

21st century


Before the 19th century

Thomas Becket († 1170)

19th century

20th century




21st century

Holidays and memorial days

  • Church memorial days
    • St. Thomas Becket , English nobleman and bishop (Protestant, Anglican, Roman Catholic, Armenian)
    • St. David , King of Israel (Roman Catholic, Evangelical: LCMS )

Further entries can be found in the list of days of remembrance and action .

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