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The Anglon- Normans are the descendants of the Normans who ruled England after the Norman conquest by William the Conqueror in 1066 and who subsequently represented a population separated from the Anglo-Saxon , Celtic and Danish inhabitants of the island. Their language was Anglo-Norman .

The Norman-Anglo-Saxon conflict

This demarcation became clear in the army, which consisted of Anglo-Norman noble horsemen and mostly Anglo-Saxon (often equally noble) infantry. The younger Anglo-Norman aristocracy often adopted Anglo-Saxon customs such as long hair and mustaches.

The degree of the following social conflicts between Normans and Anglo-Saxons is a controversial issue among historians. The view of the 19th century with its popular legends ( Robin Hood , Ivanhoe ) is likely to contain exaggerations, as well as the writings of Ordericus Vitalis , in whose Historia Ecclesiastica (1125) the resistance of the Anglo-Saxons against the Normans is praised. On the other hand, the Mudrum fine law imposed a heavy fine for killing a Norman, which should prove the frequency of such attacks.

In the 12th century the two population groups had mixed so much that the conflicts disappeared.


Anglo-Norman , but above all Cambro-Norman barons conquered Ireland from the end of the 1160s . At first they supported regional Irish kings like Dermot MacMurrough , but a little later they established their own rulers there. Henry II of England then enforced royal rule over Ireland. Many of the conquerors came from Wales , which is why medievalists refer to them as Cambro-Normans.

They merged with the island's Celtic nobility, especially outside the Dublin area . They are referred to as "Old English", but this name did not appear until 1580, 400 years after their first appearance in Ireland.

Anglo-Norman families

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