Georg Müller (publisher)

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Georg Müller (born December 29, 1877 in Mainz , † December 29, 1917 in Munich ) was a German publisher and founder of the Georg Müller Verlag in Munich .


Georg Müller attended high school in Mainz and then completed a commercial apprenticeship in Munich and Vienna. After his first professional experience in bookselling in Vienna and Paris, he founded the Georg Müller Verlag in Munich in 1903, which he ran until his early death in 1917, caused by scarlet fever diphtheria.

Müller employed well-known book designers for his publications (from 1907 mainly Paul Renner ). From 1903 to 1919, around 1900 works were published by Georg Müller Verlag, with a total circulation of several million copies. The authors published by Georg Müller included Otto Julius Bierbaum , Eugen Binder von Krieglstein , Franz Blei , Hanns Heinz Ewers , Alfred Karl Mayer , August Strindberg and Frank Wedekind . In addition, he made a living with bibliophile editions of classic books and ran a theater publisher . His publishing interests were very broad; so he published z. B. also fairy tales and adventure novels .

Together with Samuel Fischer , Eugen Diederichs and Albert Langen , Georg Müller was one of the first German cultural publishers .


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