Adolf Ott (SS member)

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Adolf Ott during the task force process

Adolf Hermann Ott (born December 29, 1904 in Waidhaus ; † October 10, 1973 in Inzell ) was SS-Obersturmbannführer (since January 30, 1941); from February 15, 1942 to January 1943, as the leader of Sonderkommando 7b (Einsatzgruppe B), responsible for numerous mass murders in Russia and Belarus .


Ott attended school in Lindau from 1910 to 1922 . On September 1, 1922, he joined the NSDAP ( membership number 2433). In 1931 he joined the SS (SS No. 13.294). After 1933 he became an employee of the German Labor Front (DAF) in Lindau. From 1935 he worked full-time for the SD in Württemberg .

In February 1942 he succeeded Günther Rausch as commander of Sonderkommando 7b. Over the next eleven months, Ott organized between 80 and 100 mass murders of civilians in the Bryansk area .

In the Nuremberg Einsatzgruppen Trial in 1947, he justified the mass murders by claiming that the victims were partisans and saboteurs . He knew this because he had questioned her. When asked by the presiding judge Musmanno what happened to Jewish prisoners, Ott replied: "In accordance with the Fuehrer's order , all Jews were basically shot."

Ott was sentenced to death in 1948 , pardoned to life imprisonment in 1951, and on May 9, 1958 Ott was released from the Landsberg War Crimes Prison .

Individual evidence

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