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Jonathan is a male given name ; Jonathan a variant of it.

Origin and meaning of the name

The name Jonathan is the derivation of the Hebrew name Jeho-nathan (Jonathan) in the German language. Jeho is a short form of the name YHWH . Nathan means "has given". Jonathan or Jeho-nathan thus means: “Yahweh has given”, “Yahweh gave [him]”, “gift of Yahweh” or “gift of Yahweh”. A translation with "God's gift" or "God's gift" is not literal, this translation applies rather to the name " Nathanael " , which is related to Jonathan .

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According to biblical tradition, Jonathan betrayed his father Saul's plans to murder David and thereby saved his life. As a result, his name became the epitome of intimate friendship and was often used in literary terms. However, this was only ascribed to "older poets" in the Grimm .

"Let me experience David's happiness:
give me a Jonathan who
may give me his heart,
who, even if everyone
does not want to treat me any more, will
not be separated from me,
but firmly in good and bad
as a rock with me stand. "

- Paul Gerhardt : Jesus, dearest brother

"As yet unknown and unappreciated
, a Jonathan lives here and there,
who has shown greater loyalty to his friend
than one can hope for from brothers."

- Christian Fürchtegott Gellert : The Friendship Service

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