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Arina Tanemura ( Japanese 種 村 有 菜 , Tanemura Arina ; born March 12, 1978 in Ichinomiya , Aichi Prefecture , Japan ) is a Japanese manga artist .


Tanemura has been a fan of the manga magazine Ribon since second grade of elementary school . This is aimed at girls of elementary and middle school age, so publishes Shōjo manga. While she went to high school, she took part in a drawing competition and took one of the top places with several pictures.

In 1996, the artist published her first comic as a professional illustrator, the short story Second Love, in a sister magazine of Ribon , Ribon Original . This was followed by other short stories from her pen, which first appeared in Ribon or Ribon Original and then in 1998 as a paperback under the title Squib Feeling Blue . In 1997 she had already drawn her first manga series with I * O * N.

The breakthrough for Tanemura came with the 1050 page manga series Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne , on which she worked for Ribon from 1998 to 2000 and which was implemented as an anime television series. In Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne is about an adolescent who leads a double life as a thief and finds her true love in a boy who also carries around a second identity.

With the love stories Time Stranger Kyoko and Fullmoon wo Sagashite , other hits followed, which made her one of the most popular artists of the Ribon . Fullmoon wo Sagashite , which consists of 1200 pages and was published from 2002 to 2004, begins with a girl being told by angels of death that she will die in a year. This manga was also filmed as an anime. From September 2004 to June 2008 she worked on her series Shinshi Doumei Cross , which comprises about 1500 pages, and from December 2008 to December 2012 on Princess Sakura ( Sakura-hime Kaden ), which is her longest work to date.

Tanemura's work is translated into over ten languages. She published art books on Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne , Fullmoon wo Sagashite and Shinshi Doumei Cross .

Tanemura has already visited Germany twice. In 2006 she took part in the Leipzig Book Fair . She reports about this visit in the paperback Shinshi Doumei Cross Volume 4. The second time she was in Bonn in 2009 at the annual AnimagiC , she writes about this in Volume 3 by Princess Sakura .


  • Squib Feeling Blue (か ん し ゃ く 玉 の ゆ う う つ , Kanshaku-dama no Yūtsu ; 1997, 1 volume), collection of short stories:
    • Second Love ( 2 番 目 の 恋 の か た ち , Nibanme no Koi no Katachi ; 1996)
    • Romance Heroine in the Rainy Afternoon ( 雨 の 午後 は ロ マ ン ス の ヒ ロ イ ン , Ame no Gogo wa Romansu no Heroin ; 1996)
    • Squib Feeling Blue (1997)
    • This Love's Non-Fiction ( こ の 恋 は NON フ ィ ク シ ョ ン , Kono Koi wa Non Fikushon ; 1997)
  • I * O * N (イ ・ オ ・ ン ; 1997, 1 volume)
  • Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne (神 風 怪 盗 ジ ャ ン ヌ , Kamikaze Kaitō Jannu ; 1998–2000, 7 volumes)
  • Time Stranger Kyoko (時空 異邦 人 KYOKO , Taimu Sutorenjā Kyōko ; 2000–2001, 3 volumes)
  • Gin Yuu Mei Ka (吟 遊 名 華 , Gin'yū Meika ; 2001, later published in Volume 2 of Fullmoon where Sagashite is serialized)
  • Fullmoon wo Sagashite (満 月 を さ が し て , Furu Mūn o Sagashite ; 2002–2004, 7 volumes)
  • Shinshi Doumei Cross (紳士 同盟 ク ロ ス , Shinshi Dōmei Kurosu ; 2004–2008, 11 volumes)
  • The girl Eve: 24 hours of apple picking (少女 イ ブ ☆ 林檎 じ か け の 24 時 , Shōjo Eve: Ringo Jikake no 24-ji ; 2007, published in volume 8 by Shinshi Doumei Cross )
  • The ocean in the globe - Nocturne (海 の 地球 儀 ・夜想曲ノ ク タ ー ン, Umi no Chikyūgi: Nokutān ; 2007, published serialized in Volume 11 by Shinshi Doumei Cross )
  • Mistress Fortune ( 絶 対 覚 醒 天使 ミ ス ト レ ス フ ォ ー チ ュ ン , Zettai Kakusei Tenshi Mistress Fortune ; 2008, 1 volume)
  • Princess Sakura (桜 姫 華 伝 , Sakura-hime Kaden ; 2008–2012, 12 volumes)
  • Vampire Rose (白 薔薇 学園 ヴ ァ ン パ イ ア ・ ロ ー ズ , Shirobara Gakuen Vampaia Rōzu ; published 2009,serializedin Volume 5 by Princess Sakura )
  • The Angelic Coin of Maple Rose (天使 の 金 貨 メ イ プ ル ロ ー ズ , Tenshi no Kinka: Meipuru Rōzu ; published 2010,serializedin Volume 6 by Princess Sakura )
  • Arina's hodgepodge (有 菜 の 種, Arina no Tane , 2012, 1 volume, 2013 at Tokyopop)
  • Fudanjuku Monogatari ( 風 男 塾 物語 ; 2011, 1 volume)
  • Arinas Lovestory Collection (種 村 有 菜 恋愛 物語 集, Tanemura arina ren'ai monogatarishu , 2012, 1 volume, 2014 at Tokyopop)
  • My Magic Fridays (猫 と 私 の 金曜日 , Neko to Watashi no Kin'yōbi ; 2013–2015, 11 volumes)
  • 31 I Dream ( 31 ☆ ア イ ド リ ー ム ; since 2013, so far 6 volumes)
  • Shunkan Lyle ( 瞬間 ラ イ ル , Shunkan Rairu ; since 2016, so far 3 volumes)
  • Idolish 7 ( ア イ ド リ ッ シ ュ セ ブ ン , Aidorisshu Sebun ; since 2016)
  • Demon Chic × Hack ( 悪 魔 に Chic × Hack, Akuma ni Chic × Hack ; 2016, 2 volumes, 2017 at Tokyopop)

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