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Squib Feeling Blue ( Japaneseか ん し ゃ く 玉 の ゆ う う つKanshaku-dama no Yūtsu ) is a manga by the Japanese artist Arina Tanemura , which consists of four short stories.

The short stories are the author's early works and all appeared in the Japanese manga magazine Ribon in the late 1990s . The Shueisha publishing house published these four stories in an anthology in 1998. This anthology was published in German in November 2003 by Egmont Manga and Anime .


Second love

(2 番 目 の 恋 の か た ちNibanme no Koi no Katachi )

The girl Mana is in love with Nishikawa, the boyfriend of her best friend Yume. She tries not to show anything, but school playboy Shigenobu Nakamura notices. He is in love with Mana and tries again and again with her. But Mana doesn't want to fall in love again until she's forgotten about Nishikawa. In the course of the story she begins to fall in love with Nakamura, but she asks him to wait until she is really ready for a new love.

Romance Heroine in the Rainy Afternoon

(雨 の 午後 は ロ マ ン ス の ヒ ロ イ ンAme no Gogo wa Romance no Heroine )

Minori is in love. Shinja Takato left her under his when she didn't have an umbrella. But she is not sure whether to confess her love to him, as Takato is known as a misogynist. In middle school he confessed his love to a girl and was given a basket. It later emerges that this girl was Minori.

This Love's Non-Fiction

(こ の 恋 は NON フ ィ ク シ ョ ンKono Koi wa Non Fiction )

Yuri has had a pen pal for a long time. Now is the first meeting. Yuri sent Ryo a picture of her friend Karin because she wasn't pretty at the time and wanted Ryo to think she was attractive. So she asks Karin to go to the meeting. Yuri follows them on their date, along with an unknown stranger. In the end, it turns out that her pen pal Ryo did exactly the same thing.

Squib Feeling Blue

Yamano Kajika is a descendant of a famous ninja clan. Her grandfather tells her to keep her skills a secret, as there are other clans out there that are targeting their clan's secret weapon. But she doesn't stick to it and uses her skills to help other people.

She's also completely mad about her teacher Fujisaki, who is the president of the Tea Ceremony Club. Her boyfriend Yuga Tanimoto doesn't like that at all. After both confessing their love to Kajika, Fujisaki and Yuga decide to fight a duel over Kajika.

In the end, Kajika notes that it was just admiration she felt for Fujisaki.

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