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Peter Nellen (born August 10, 1912 in Düren , † December 29, 1969 there ) was a German politician ( CDU , later SPD ).

Life and work

In his youth, Peter Nellen was a member of the Catholic youth organization Bund Neudeutschland , which the Jesuit father Ludwig Esch had founded. After graduating from high school, he studied Catholic theology , philosophy , history and German in Bonn , Cologne and Berlin . After completing his studies, he was a study assessor from 1943 and taught as a high school teacher, most recently in Aachen . During the Second World War he was a non-commissioned officer in Penal Division 999 . He became an American prisoner of war and directed the prisoner of war camp school in San Antonio , Texas. From 1946 he was government councilor and department head for adult education, youth care and sport in the regional council.

Nellen was married and had five children. He was a member of the Catholic student association KDSt.V. Grotenburg (Detmold) Cologne in the CV .


After 1945, Peter Nellen worked as a councilor for schools, youth and sport at the district government in Münster and joined the CDU there. He was a member of the German Bundestag from its first election in 1949 to 1969. From 1949 to 1961 he represented the constituency of Münster-Stadt and -Land in parliament as a directly elected member . From June 7, 1950 to 1953 he was deputy chairman of the organizing committee of the Bundestag. Because of significant differences with his party - it was about the standpoints on conscientious objection and nuclear armament - he joined the SPD on November 8, 1960. In the next two legislative periods he was elected to parliament on the SPD state list in North Rhine-Westphalia. Within the SPD parliamentary group, he was responsible for relations with the Catholic Church. After the federal election in 1969 , he left parliament and died a short time later.


Nellen was awarded the Willibald Pirckheimer Medal for “truly humanistic sentiment”. He also received the Federal Cross of Merit, 1st class .



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