Johann Jakob Stehlin the Elder

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Portrait of Johann Jakob Stehlin the Elder

Johann Jakob Stehlin (born January 20, 1803 in Basel ; † December 18, 1879 there ) was a Swiss politician. He was mayor of Basel between 1858 and 1868 and also represented the canton of Basel-Stadt in the National Council and Council of States .


He was President of the National Council in 1858/59 and 1867/68. In the Swiss Army he reached the rank of lieutenant colonel .

Stehlin was elected to the Federal Council on July 11, 1855 as the successor to the late Josef Munzinger , one of the first Federal Councilors, instead of Casimir Pfyffer from Zurich , who missed the absolute majority. Stehlin refused the election the following day. On July 14, 1855, Josef Martin Knüsel was elected for this . Stehlin was the first of five elected federal councilors to reject their election.

The castle estate in Bipp , which Stehlin acquired in 1852 , is still family-owned today.


Johann Jakob Stählin (1803–1879) Mayor, politician, Margaretha Stehlin-Hagenbach (1803–1878), Johann Jakob Stehlin (1856–1881), Rudolf Stehlin (1859–1885), family grave at Wolfgottesacker cemetery, Basel
Family grave in the Wolfgottesacker cemetery , Basel
Johann Jakob Stehlin the Elder (1803–1879) carpenter, master builder, mayor, politician, a.  a.  Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Gotthard Railway, grave at the Wolfgottesacker cemetery, Basel
Grave in the Wolfgottesacker cemetery , Basel

Stehlin's daughter Margaretha (1829–1906) was married to the music-loving banker Friedrich Riggenbach-Stehlin (1821–1904) from 1849. The couple were close friends with Clara Schumann , Johannes Brahms and Theodor Kirchner .

Two of his sons also became famous: Karl Rudolf Stehlin represented the canton of Basel-Stadt in the Council of States, Johann Jakob Stehlin the Younger was a well-known architect who had many buildings built in Basel.


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