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Karl Gustav Dieterich (born December 18, 1869 in Berlin , † July 16, 1935 in Leipzig ) was a German Byzantinist and Neo-Graecist .


Karl Dieterich studied Comparative Linguistics and Modern Languages ​​in Berlin and Middle and Modern Greek Philology with Karl Krumbacher in Munich . He received his doctorate in Munich in 1898 with the text Research on the History of the Greek Language from the Hellenistic Period to the Xth Century , which is still considered to be one of the standard works on the history of Greek language. In 1909 he completed his habilitation in Leipzig for Middle and Modern Greek Philology. From 1916 he was the first secretary and head of department at the Bosnian-Herzegovinian Institute for Balkan Research in Sarajevo . During the First World War he worked as an interpreter in Berlin. In 1922 he was appointed associate professor in Leipzig, where he taught until 1935.

Works (selection)

  • Studies on the history of the Greek language from the Hellenistic period to the 10th century (= Byzantine archive . H. 1). Teubner, Leipzig 1898 (dissertation, University of Munich, 1898).
  • History of the Byzantine and modern Greek literature (= The literature of the East in individual representations . Vol. 4). Amelang, Leipzig 1902. 2nd edition 1909 ( online )
  • Byzantine sources on geography and ethnology (5th – 15th centuries) (= sources and research on geography and culture. Vol. 5). Wigand, Leipzig 1912 ( online )
  • Modern Greek poets. Selected and transferred by Karl Dieterich, with a foreword by Gerhart Hauptmann . H. Haessel , Leipzig 1928.
  • Court life in Byzantium: with a plan of the old imperial palace of Constantinople . Voigtländer, Leipzig 1912 ( online )


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