Clara (TV series)

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Television series
Original title Clara
Country of production Germany
original language German
Year (s) 1993
Episodes 6th
genre Youth series
music Sigi Schwab
First broadcast December 26, 1993 on ZDF

Clara was the ZDF Christmas series in 1993. The script was written by Justus Pfaue . Directed by Maria Theresia Wagner .


Clara is a young, talented student and rider. Clara is characterized by the fact that she is critical of the methods commonly used in equestrian sport when dealing with horses. As a result, she comes into conflict with her riding instructor Heinrich, who himself was successful in the past and is of the opinion that only a certain severity leads to the goal.

The series also addresses typical pubertal conflicts with her parents. Clara abhors the lifestyle of her mother, who lives largely at the expense of Clara's father (her former affair) Charly, while the businessman and because of his family have little time for his daughter. When the situation escalated, Clara temporarily moved to the Meischberger family's riding stables.

The Meischbergers' riding stables are facing considerable economic problems. The seizure threatens. Jens Meischberger initially tries to drown his worries in alcohol, but finally puts an end to it.

Matthias Meischberger, the son of the owner couple, also rides, similar to Clara, but is more success-oriented than Clara. His ambition ultimately leads to a riding accident in which the horse Aimée was badly affected. Clara steps in to keep the horse going for equestrian sports and the Meischberger family. A relationship finally develops between Matthias and Clara, but one that is always overshadowed by their sporting ambitions.


The series is based on the 1993 published Clara and the happiness of this earth by Justus Pfaue , who also wrote the script version . The series therefore largely sticks to the original book. The original book was published by Loewe Verlag in 1993 and illustrated by Katinka Niederstrasser . The follow-up novel Clara does not give up from 1994 is no longer part of the series and was not made into a film.


The soundtrack was mainly composed by Sigi Schwab and was released on CD in 1993. The soundtrack is now out of print.


Since it was first broadcast, the series has been broadcast a total of eight times, in addition to ZDF , KiKA and 3sat , most recently in 2010 on ZDFneo . In particular, the penultimate broadcast in 2007 aroused displeasure because it had been re-cut by ZDF due to time constraints and therefore scenes were omitted.


The complete series was released on DVD on July 7th, 2008.

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