Silas (TV series)

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Television series
Original title Silas
Country of production Germany
original language German
Year (s) 1981
length 45 minutes
Episodes 6 in 1 season
genre Christmas series
idea Cecil Bødker
production Bernd Burgemeister ,
Dieter Graber
music Christian Bruhn
camera Rolf Deppe
First broadcast December 25, 1981 on ZDF

Silas was in 1981 the third Christmas series of ZDF . Silas made the then 13-year-old Patrick Bach known. The series is based on the novel Silas (original title: Silas og den sorte hoppe ) by Cecil Bødker . Directed by Sigi Rothemund .


Silas was sold to a traveling circus as a toddler. Now he is a teenager and is supposed to learn to swallow sabers against his will. Because he is constantly threatened with punishment and the ringmaster Philipp threatens to cut his tendons on his feet so that he cannot run away, he flees.

With his inquisitive manner, Silas can not only persuade the farmer Bartolin to let him stay the night, but also wins his best black stallion in a bet. With "the black" Silas rides away from the raging Bartolin, who does not want to acknowledge the bet.

The crook Emanuel recognizes the stallion and invites Silas to a meal. Emanuel wants to buy the horse for 200 pieces of silver, but Silas refuses. Emanuel's wife Teresa therefore mixes sleeping pills in a mug of beer, which she offers Silas to drink. Emanuel abandons the sleeping Silas in a boat on the river and wants to sell the stallion at the market.

When Silas wakes up, he sees Philipp who is trying to steal the milk that has just been milked from the blind girl Maria. He intervenes, but Maria's mother, a fisher's wife, misunderstands the situation, takes him home in the boat and locks Silas in a wooden cage. He tells the fishermen about the circus and gives them the idea of ​​selling Maria to the circus as a blind fortune teller. The disappointed Maria tries to kill Silas that night while he is sleeping on a river island. This is when Silas realizes for the first time that there are people who are even worse off than himself.

On his way further he met the cowherd "Bein" -Godik, who already knew Silas' story from hearsay and told him that the black man was going to be auctioned at the market. Silas not only meets the circus there, but also sees the “horse crow” for the first time; an old woman who lives on theft and kidnaps the little girl Jenny. Silas can get back the stallion that has already been sold to the grocer and rides away. Godik follows him with his stolen pony. From then on, Silas and Godik try to make a living together. Silas practices as an art rider and flute. Winter is approaching and they find shelter in the attic of a house with a woman called "the pigeon". Bein-Godik carves dishes from driftwood, which Silas sells in the market.

The friends find 40 silver bars behind logs in the house, which the miller smuggled. This seemingly immeasurable treasure, which could bring them a carefree life, puts them in extreme danger, because the dove and her cronies want to kill Silas and Godik because they know about the smuggling. The friends flee again and come to a remote house by the sea. There they meet Jenny again, who is being held prisoner there. Silas and Bein-Godik decide to continue their escape together with Jenny.

Silas saves the inhabitants of a city from a wild bear. He wants to buy the bear, but nobody believes that he has honestly earned the money. That's why he's going to jail. Meanwhile, the pigeon waits in the harbor for the crow. When this arrives, the two women get into an argument, as a result of which a shot is fired. The horse crow is arrested and ends up in prison with Silas. The two make peace, although they are actually mortal enemies.

When Silas is free, he and Bein-Godik bring Jenny back to their family. Bein-Godik has decided to return home and is eager to take Silas with him. Silas hesitantly follows him. He is welcomed with open arms by Bein-Godik's mother. She sews him a winter jacket, and an otter hunter gives him a beaver fur hat. But that's too much for Silas, he can't handle so much security. He decides to flee again, leaving behind a very sad leg-Godik.

On his renewed flight he meets the Sandal family, whom he saves from great harm. The merchant invites Silas to the capital as thanks. Silas accepts the invitation, but doesn’t want to stay longer than a week. During this time he does u. a. Acquaintance with Sandal's son Japetus, who shows him the city. In the port of the city, the quarter of the poor and beggars, the two are harassed by street boys, and so a fight breaks out. The warehouse manager Sandals, Karneol, intervenes and can prevent worse.

But the danger for the young has not yet been averted. The horse crow put a beggar named Valerian on Silas. This lures the two boys onto a boat and locks them up. The horse crow's plan is to extort ransom from Japetus' father for the boys. But when the police, notified by Mr. Sandal, arrive at the port, the horse crow has already set sail and is on the high seas with the boys. Thanks to carnelian it is still possible to put an end to the evil goings on.

Thanks to the merchant family's cook, Silas learns that Bein-Godik is in town. But it is only thanks to Valerian's tip where Bein-Godik is, that Silas finds his friend. This reunion also means saying goodbye to the merchant family.


  • 1982: Bambi for Patrick Bach


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