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Macmillan Publishers (also Macmillan and Company ) is a publisher founded in London in 1843 . Like the formerly independent US publisher of the same name , it is now part of the Georg von Holtzbrinck publishing group .

The founders in 1843 were the brothers Daniel Macmillan , who was responsible for the commercial area, and Alexander Macmillan (1818-1896), who oversaw the literary program. Both came from Scotland (Daniel from the Isle of Arran ) and were initially booksellers in London, but published books with educational content as early as 1844. They initially had a partner, but after his departure from 1850 they worked under Macmillan and Company . In the 19th century they published works by Charles Kingsley , Thomas Hughes , Francis Turner Palgrave , Christina Rossetti , Matthew Arnold , Lewis Carroll , Alfred Tennyson , Thomas Hardy and Rudyard Kipling, among others . At the end of the century they were one of the most important publishers in Great Britain. Later, Rabindranath Tagore , John Maynard Keynes , Margaret Mitchell and CP Snow were among the authors .

They also published the Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians and Nature magazine .

From 1869 the publisher also had a branch in New York City, which was sold to the Brett family in 1896 - George Edward Brett was a sales representative for Macmillan who had set up the branch for the company in the USA - and which later became Macmillan Publishers (also Macmillan Company ) became independent. The owners of the two publishers remained friends with each other. When they returned to the US market in 1954, they used the name St. Martin's Press . The US group Macmillan was acquired by Robert Maxwell and sold in 1994 to the publishing group Simon & Schuster , which sold the name on to the media group Pearson in 1998 . From these, Holtzbrinck acquired the name in 2001 and bundled its US activities under it. These included Macmillan Education, which was brought into Springer Nature by Holtzbrinck in 2015 along with other publishing parts .

In 1995 the Georg von Holtzbrinck publishing group took over the majority with 70 percent and the rest in 1999. In 2015, Macmillan Science and Education was merged with Springer Science + Business Media under the umbrella of Springer Nature , which is owned by Holtzbrinck and the London investment company BC Partners .


Prime Minister Harold Macmillan came from the family business . From 1920 to 1930 he was a junior partner and during his opposition period from 1945 to 1951 and after his retirement in 1965 until his death in 1986 (as chairman ) in the publishing house.

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