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The Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians is an encyclopedic music lexicon that musicology considers to be the best available musical reference work in English . Alongside MGG ( Music in the Past and Present ), it is the most comprehensive reference work on music. First published by George Grove , whose name it still bears today, it became the reference work in English for encyclopedic information on music theory and music history as well as musicians' biographies under the editorship of Stanley Sadie .


Grove's Dictionary

1879-1888 A Dictionary of Music and Musicians (AD 1450-1888) appeared in four volumes, edited by George Grove . This edition was reprinted several times. The second edition in five volumes, entitled Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians , was edited by John Alexander Fuller-Maitland and published between 1904 and 1910. The third edition, also in five volumes, followed in 1927, edited by Henry Cope Colles . A fourth edition in five volumes plus a supplementary volume, re-edited by Colles, appeared in 1940, the nine-volume fifth edition published by Eric Blom in 1954. A supplementary volume followed in 1961.

The New Grove, 1st edition

With the next edition in 1980, the encyclopedia was extensively expanded and now appeared as The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians in 20 volumes, edited by Stanley Sadie.

It was reissued - with minor improvements - every following year except 1982 and 1983 up to and including 1995. A paperback edition followed in 1995.

The New Grove, 2nd edition

The second edition under this title (in total the seventh) appeared in 2001 in 29 volumes. The editor was again Stanley Sadie, the executive editor was John Tyrrell . The original plan for a CD-ROM release has been dropped.

Special dictionaries

Independently of the main encyclopedia, encyclopedias on special topics have appeared over the years. These are not extracts, but contain more and extended articles (and images). They will be gradually incorporated into the online edition.

  • 1984 New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments , three volumes
  • 1986 New Grove Dictionary of American Music , four volumes
  • 1992 New Grove Dictionary of Opera , four volumes
  • 1994 New Grove Dictionary of Women Composers , one volume
  • 1999 New Grove Dictionary of Jazz , two volumes, the second edition in 2002 in three volumes
  • 2014 The Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments, five volumes (replaces the 1984 edition)

Grove Music Online

From its publication until 2009, the online edition of the New Grove was edited under the editing of Laura Macy. Since then it has been edited by Deane L. Root. Regular updates of the content include numerous revisions and additions. In addition to the 29 volumes of the New Grove 2nd edition , Grove Music Online includes the four-volume New Grove Dictionary of Opera (edited by Stanley Sadie, 1992) and the three volumes of the New Grove Dictionary of Jazz , second edition (edited by Barry Kernfeld , 2002) and comprises a total of more than 60,000 articles.

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