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Charles Percy Snow, Baron Snow , in publications mostly CP Snow (born October 15, 1905 in Leicester , † July 1, 1980 in London ), was a British scientist and writer. He gained fame through the thesis of the two cultures .


Snow studied physics in Leicester and Cambridge . From 1928 to 1940 he conducted research at Christ's College , Cambridge. From 1947 to 1964 he was director of the English Electric Co. , from 1964 to 1966 Parliamentary State Secretary in the Ministry of Technology.

He was knighted in 1957 ( Knight Bachelor ) and on October 29, 1964 as Baron Snow of the City of Leicester was raised to life peer , which a seat in the House of Lords was connected.

He has held more than 20 honorary doctorates. In 1960 he was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and in 1961 to the American Academy of Arts and Letters .


Snow's first novel was the crime thriller Death under Sail from 1932. In the period that followed, he published numerous other works of fiction; he became known u. a. as the author of the Strangers and Brothers series , which focuses on academic science in government institutions. In his novel The Affair , published in 1959, he used details of the Emil Rupp scientific fraud case for a fictional story about a science fraud at Cambridge University .

Snow finally became famous for his thesis of the two cultures, which he proposed in the Rede Lecture in 1959 . This thesis describes the great gap between the cultures of humanities and literature on the one hand and natural science and technology on the other. Other authors criticized Snow's thesis, sometimes violently: " Snow is a fate ".

Snow also noted that the quality of education was declining worldwide. According to him, the breakdown of communication between the two cultures is one of the main obstacles to solving the problems of this world.



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