Nip / Tuck - beauty has its price

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Television series
German title Nip / Tuck - beauty has its price
Original title Nip / tuck
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 2003-2010
length 44 minutes
Episodes 100 in 6 seasons ( list )
genre Drama , black comedy , doctor series
Theme music The Engine Room - A Perfect Lie
idea Ryan Murphy
music James S. Levine
First broadcast July 22, 2003 (USA) on FX
first broadcast
September 5, 2004 on premiere

Nip / Tuck - Beauty has its price (Original title: Nip / Tuck ) is an American drama series by Ryan Murphy . The series premiered on July 22, 2003 and ended in the USA after a total of 6 seasons with 100 episodes on March 3, 2010.


"Nip / Tuck" (German: "Snap / Seam") means something like "cut and gather" or "snap, snap". What is meant is the process of a facelift . In addition, “to be nip and tuck” is a standing phrase for “to lie head to head (during a race)”.

The series

The ambiguous title indicates the complex themes of the series. Ryan Murphy and his team try to define the complexity and ambiguity of the series with the title.

The cosmetic surgeons Sean McNamara and Christian Troy have a practice in Miami and later in the series, from season 5, in Los Angeles . The two have known each other since studying medicine. Although her mission is to beautify other people's lives, the main thing about the series is that both of them constantly fail because of their own dreams. Sean McNamara's marriage to his wife Julia is in a deep crisis and the relationship with his children Matt and Annie is subject to constant tension, in principle he hardly knows them anymore. McNamara's desire to help other people with his skills has long since given way to pure profit thinking. Christian Troy's life takes place in the fast lane - his figure is primarily defined by his pronounced sexual life. Nevertheless, deep down he longs for an intact family life, which is often expressed in his envy of Sean and Julia's relationship. However, this desire fails due to his inability to have a real relationship. Troy's eccentric lifestyle of money, women, luxury, and power makes Troy a magical attraction. In addition, it is primarily his job to acquire patients for the practice, while McNamara is the actual and much better doctor. Troy himself, beautiful and sexy, is more of a blender from a professional point of view - and makes no secret of it.

The tension that inevitably arises from this is further fueled in the course of the first season by the very attractive Grace Santiago, who, as a psychologist, is supposed to help doctors in practice, but towards her employers - especially Troy as buttoned up, with the result that their advice is regularly neglected. The later revealed fact that McNamara is not the biological father of his son Matt, but that he is the product of a slip up by his wife Julia with Troy, creates additional drama.


season 1

The befriended plastic surgeons Dr. Christian Troy and Dr. Sean McNamara jointly run a thriving practice in Miami . Both operate on Silvio Perez, who wants to change his face in order to be more popular with women. The two doctors find out that Silvio works for a drug dealer and sexually abused his 6-year-old daughter . Silvio's boss, the Colombian drug lord Escobar Gallardo, wants to take revenge on him and shows up in the operating room. But Alejandro has already killed his brother Silvio there by overdosing on an anesthetic to protect his own daughter from his attacks. Sean and Christian have to make the body disappear, tie ham legs to the body and leave them to the alligators in the Everglades .

Grace Santiago is hired as a home psychologist. The transsexual Sofia Lopez can nachoperieren for a medical malpractice at McNamara / Troy. Shortly afterwards, Sofia and the anesthetist in the practice, Liz Cruz, get closer.

At a meeting for sex addicts , Christian meets Gina Russo. She gets pregnant. Believing that he is the father, Christian supports her financially. Meanwhile, Sean's wife, Julia, resumes the medical school she had previously abandoned, but becomes pregnant for the third time. She also developed feelings for her fellow student Jude. Sean begins an affair with the chiropractor Megan. A short time later, she becomes ill with cancer and Sean aids her suicide . Because of his affair, the marriage between Sean and Juliet is in ruins, finally it almost comes to a divorce.

Sean's son Matt is currently having his first sexual experience. After his relationship with his bisexual girlfriend breaks up, he and a Jewish friend drive up his schoolmate Cara Fitzgerald and hit a hit. But his guilty conscience plagues him, finally he persuades Sean to perform reconstructive facial surgery on her.

Escobar blackmailed Christian and Sean into taking breast implants from patients that contain liquid heroin and are smuggled into the United States in this way. After he almost drives the two of them to ruin, Sean wants to kill him, but Escobar negotiates a deal: the doctors surgically change his face and he leaves them alone from now on. He is arrested by the FBI anyway because he is believed to be Armand Ortiz, another wanted criminal.

season 2

Sean struggles with uncontrollable jerks at the beginning of the season . The student Cara Fitzgerald is raped by Matt's friend Henry. To divert attention from his guilt, he charges Matt with being involved in the accident with the hit-and-run. Although his parents give full support, he denies ever having been involved in the accident. Matt then begins a relationship with Ava Moore, who makes a living as a life coach. At the end of the season, Ava turns out to be a transsexual.

It turns out that Christian is not the biological father of Gina's newborn son. Christian still wants to raise him. As a mother, Gina cannot meet the requirements due to her sex addiction, which is why custody is transferred to the biological father. Meanwhile, Julia finds out that Christian is Matt's biological father. Sean then separates from Julia for a time. A "slicer" inserts people who embody flawless beauty, etc. a. Models, bad injuries in the mouth and cheek area too. Sean is threatened by the rascal after he surgically treated some of his victims for no consideration. It turns out that Gina is HIV positive.

season 3

Christian is injured and raped by the "Schlitzer". Sean hires Quentin Costa to relieve Christian. Julia wants to divorce Sean. Matt turns away from the family after the shock of Ava's past and the knowledge of his birth father. He beats up the transsexual Cherry and temporarily gets involved with neo-Nazis, including Ariel Alderman, with whom he is also with. Christian and Kimber become a couple again and want to get married. Christian is suspected of being the rascal by the policewoman Kit and arrested. However, after the actual perpetrator also attacks Kit, he is released from custody. Due to the negative press in the course of the investigation, the practice suffers from a lack of orders and Liz resigns from her position. She now works in the spa opened by Gina and Julia .

Quentin begins a relationship with Julia and Sean briefly leaves the office to work for the witness protection program . Here he is having an affair with Nikki. Kimber doesn't show up for Christian's wedding. She too fell victim to the rascal. He kidnapped Kimber and reversed all the cosmetic surgeries she'd had over the years. Christian restores her previous appearance. However, Kimber eventually breaks up with him.

Julia accidentally becomes pregnant by Sean. Together with Christian, both treat the victims of a plane crash, including Julia's mother Erica. Believing that she was killed, Julia says goodbye to her. When the disfigured woman wakes up unexpectedly, Julia suffocates her with a pillow. Back at her apartment, she meets Erica, who wasn't even on the plane. Matt asks his father to restore Cherry's face. Shortly after the operation, he and her are abducted by Ariel and her father and forced to cut off Cherry's penis. When he is supposed to bury her alive, however, both can break free.

Kit arrests Liz in the Schlitzer case, as it turns out that Quentin cannot be the culprit, as he was born without a penis and is eliminated as a rapist. In the season finale, Quentin Costa is still caught as a slayer. When he tries to mutilate Sean and Christian, he is apparently shot by Kit. As McNamara / Troy find out, Kit was actually Quentin's sister, and they both faked his death to escape. The malformations of Quentin and Kit, caused by sibling incest of their parents, are cited as an explanation for the hustle and bustle of the rascal .

Season 4

Sean and Christian sell their practice to Burt Landau, who appoints his wife Michelle as managing director. From now on, both work as employees for the company. Julia's and Sean's son Connor is born. He suffers from ectrodactyly and Sean operates on his left hand after giving birth. Matt tries to organize his life with the help of Kimber and joins the Scientology sect . Finally he begins a relationship with Kimber, they get married and are expecting a child.

Christian falls in love with Michelle. She withholds medication from her seriously ill husband and accepts his death. Michelle also has connections with James, for whom she worked as an escort (hostess) during her student days , who anesthetizes her clients and removes organs. In the course of the season James tries to revive her organ donation mafia in the practice of McNamara / Troy and forces Michelle to support. The practice employee Liz becomes a victim of the two and loses one of her kidneys.

Julia has a brief affair with the male nanny Marlow and finally breaks up with Sean. She goes with the children Annie and Connor to their mother in New York. Christian proposes to Michelle and moves in with her. He also takes in his adoptive son Wilber after his biological father dies in a traffic accident.

Escobar Gallardo, who is still incarcerated, reappears in Miami and wants his former face back. After the operation, he escapes from the practice and kills Silvio Perez's brother, Alejandro, the last person who knew about his murder. It turns out that Gallardo is the brains behind the organ donation mafia. His wife Gala shoots him and goes on with his business. As a throwback to the pilot episode of the series, Sean, Christian and Liz dispose of Gallardo's corpse - also tied around the body with ham - in the swamp.

Sean gets paid off by Michelle and tries to build on his dream of self-realization and moves to Los Angeles. Christian, who quickly realizes that he will not be happy without Sean, leaves Michelle, also has himself paid off and follows Sean to Los Angeles. Here the two decide to open a new practice together.

Season 5

Part 1

Sean and Christian open a new practice in Los Angeles . With the help of an agent, they are employed as medical consultants for the soap opera Hearts 'n' Scalpels . While Sean quickly rises to supporting actor, Christian leaves the series and tries in his own way to get a piece of Hollywood fame. Sean begins a relationship with his TV colleague Kate.

Julia comes to LA with the kids, comes out as a lesbian and introduces Sean and Christian to their friend Olivia. Their precocious daughter Eden turns Sean's head, but she resists her advances. Instead, he tries to convince Julia that Eden is a bad influence on their daughter Annie. Matt shows up at Sean and Christian's apartment with his daughter Jenna and asks for financial support. He claims to have split up with Kimber. In reality, they both still live together and are now addicted to crystal meth . Desperate to make money, they turn to Kimbers ex-porn producer Ram. Kimber leaves Matt after Christian operates on her drug-affected face and moves in with Jenna to live with Ram. Matt's drug room explodes and he is seriously burned.

Sean has an affair with Eden and finds out that Julia and Christian are also having an affair. Eden makes Julia an offer of peace. When Julia fell seriously ill, Christian felt overwhelmed by the situation. Sean hires Gina as a receptionist, who shortly afterwards is accidentally pushed to her death by Christian during sex over a balcony railing.

Sean becomes the lead actor in the TV series and Colleen becomes his agent. When an agency becomes aware of Sean, Colleen shows her true colors and kills her adversary by filling him with foam and turning him into a human teddy bear. Sean realizes that Colleen is not a real agent, just a stalker. Then she cuts her wrists. After she escapes from the mental hospital, she stabs Sean down. Julia realizes that Eden poisoned her and confronts her with it. Eden shoots Julia in the head with her gun. And Matt sleeps with a young woman who turns out to be Christian's daughter and therefore his sister.

Part 2

After a four-month time jump, Sean is sitting in a wheelchair teaching at the medical school. When Christian felt a lump in himself and was diagnosed with breast cancer, he had to undergo an operation. Liz helps Christian during his chemotherapy. In a difficult phase of his illness he seeks solace in her through sex. Julia suffers from memory loss after being shot at . Eden says that Julia wanted to take her own life and so gets away with it. Sean offends Julia and Matt when they find out that he is only faking his need for the wheelchair. Julia plans to move back to New York with Olivia. Before leaving, Olivia would like Sean to tighten her face, but she is allergic to the anesthesia due to her drug consumption and dies during the procedure.

After Christian's breast reconstruction, he throws himself into new affairs, which leads to a falling out with Liz, who now has real feelings for him. After Liz leaves the practice for Miami, Sean hires the attractive surgeon Teddy as a replacement. He is drawn to her dark side and begins an affair with her. At the same time, he is estranged from his family. Kimber demands that Christian inject botox on Jenna's lips so she can work as a promotional baby.

Christian gets bad news : the cancer has spread and he should only have six months to live. He then wants to put his life in order and proposes to Liz. McNamara / Troy are temporarily looking for a replacement for Christian in the practice. Kimber's marriage to Ram fails and she wants to turn to Christian again and take care of him, but he refuses. When Christian wants to go on his honeymoon with Liz and Wilbur , he receives the relieving message from his doctor: His examination results have been exchanged with those of another patient and he doesn't have to die in a few weeks.

Season 6

The McNamara / Troy practice is suffering from the economic crisis and the lifestyle of the two doctors. Christian divorces Liz after learning that he is healthy and does not need her any longer. After Liz hires a divorce lawyer, financial ruin appears to be on the horizon. In order to save their practice from ruin, the two work with Dr. Mike Hamoui, who specializes in vaginal rejuvenation. He falls in love with Kimber and makes her a marriage proposal, which she first accepts.

Matt raids small shops with his masking as a pantomime. He managed to escape once during a police check, but was gunned down by a shopkeeper shortly afterwards. He allows himself to be treated by his fathers, but tries to flee to Mexico when he learns that they want to hand him over. He is arrested in a motel and sent to prison. There Erica advises him to get a lover as a protector so that he is protected in prison. A cellmate abuses him again and again and even tries to persuade Christian to have Matt's breasts enlarged. However, Christian gives Matt a drug that suppresses potency. When his cellmate finds out, he wants to beat up Matt, but he manages to strangle the perpetrator. Eventually Matt gets released because his fathers make a deal with the prison authorities.

Sean's friend Teddy wants to kill Sean and the two children Annie and Connor on a camping trip to collect the money from his life insurance, but is killed by a stranger himself. Sean then gets involved with a stranger who lets him satisfy him in the hospital emergency room and injures herself to get pain medication. At an award ceremony, he meets his old college friend Curtis, who volunteers for sick people and operates them free of charge. Sean wants to get in with him, after a party, Curtis' wife Sarah tries to seduce him, but he refuses to advances. Sarah tells Curtis that she slept with Sean and that he no longer wants to work with Sean.

Kimber becomes pregnant. Christian does not want the child and forces her to have an abortion, but promises to marry her. After the wedding, the doctor lets himself go more and more and neglects his wife. Meanwhile, Kimber tries to be an interior designer and furnishes Sean's new apartment. Then they sleep together. Christian becomes more and more unhappy and finally admits that Kimber doesn't deserve him. She goes back to Mike, who doesn't pay much attention to her anymore, but prefers to celebrate with models on his yacht. She then jumps off the boat and is no longer found.

Matt falls in love with the daughter of a carpet dealer and the two want to get married. Ava appears shortly before the wedding. Matt gets into her car and lets herself into her again. Eventually he learns that she is only using it to operate on her adopted son, who has had a disfigured face since he was born. When the baby still does not meet her wishes after the operation, she leaves him behind in the practice. Ava then wants to travel, Matt intercepts her at the airport and shows her his daughter, whom Ava finds perfectly perfect. The three board a plane to Paris. Julia comes back to Sean and Christian and tells them that she wants to get married again and that she is taking the children to England. Sean opposes it first, but then agrees. Both try to seduce Julia, but she defends herself against it and explains to both of them that nothing more connects them than friendship.

Christian is gradually realizing that Sean cannot be happy in the long run and is just fooling everyone. He dissolves the partnership and sends him abroad with Ava's son, where he is supposed to help sick children and realize his lifelong dream. The practice is renamed Troy / Cruz.


The German-language dubbing of the series was created at Interopa Film based on dialogue books by Kim Hasper and directed by Stefan Fredrich .

Main cast

Julian McMahon played Dr. Christian Troy
Joely Richardson played Julia McNamara
Role name actor Main role (season) Supporting role (season) Guest role (season) Voice actor
Dr. Sean McNamara Dylan Walsh 1-6 Uwe Büschken
Dr. Christian Troy Julian McMahon 1-6 Torsten Michaelis
Julia McNamara Joely Richardson 1-6 Christin Marquitan
Matt McNamara John Hensley 1-6 David Turba
Grace Santiago Valerie Cruz 1 Judith Brandt
Dr. Liz Cruz Roma Maffia 2-6 1 Astrid Bless
Helga Sasse
Kimber Henry Kelly Carlson 3-6 1-2 Tanja Geke
Gina Russo Jessalyn Gilsig 3 1-2 4-5 Andrea Aust
Dr. Quentin Costa Bruno Campos 3 2 Peter Flechtner
Sister linda Linda Klein 1-6


  1. Season 6

Supporting cast

Role name actor Supporting role
Guest role
Voice actor
Annie McNamara Kelsey Batelaan 1-6
Escobar Gallardo Robert LaSardo 1, 4 2, 6
Mrs. Hedda Grubman Ruth Williamson 1 2, 4 Kerstin Sanders-Dornseif
Dr. Merrill Bobolite Joey Slotnick 1 2, 4 Gerald Schaale
Jude Sawyer Phillip Rhys 1 2-3 Kim Hasper
Megan O'Hara Julie Warner 1 2, 4 Sabine Arnhold
Dr. Erica Noughton Vanessa Redgrave 2-3 6th Gisela Fritsch
Wilber Troy Joshua & Josiah Henry 2 4-6
Ava Moore Famke Janssen 2 3, 6 Maud Ackermann
Adrian Moore Seth fork 2 Julien Haggége
Kit McGraw Rhona Mitra 3 Carola Ewert
Ariel Alderman Brittany Snow 3 Luise Helm
Michelle Landau Sanaa Lathan 4th Dascha Lehmann
Faith Wolper Brooke Shields 4th Melanie Pukass
James Jacqueline Bisset 4th Rita Engelmann
Marlowe Sawyer Peter Dinklage 4th Bernd Vollbrecht
Dawn Budge Rosie O'Donnell 4-5 Martina Treger
Kate Tinsley Paula Marshall 5 Schaukje Könning
Olivia Lord Portia de Rossi 5 Arianne Borbach
Eden Lord AnnaLynne McCord 5 Ilona Brokowski
Colleen Rose Sharon Gless 5 Alexandra Lange
Dr. Theodora 'Teddy' Rowe Katee Sackhoff 5 Claudia Urbschat-Mingues
Rose McGowan 6th Natascha Geisler
Dr. Mike Hamoui Mario Lopez 6th 4th Robin Kahnmeyer

Guest cast

In addition to the main and secondary cast, guest stars appeared again and again. For example, Joan Rivers , Burt Bacharach , Catherine Deneuve , Jill Clayburgh , Dina Meyer , Larry Hagman , Kathleen Turner , Alanis Morissette , Alec Baldwin , Anne Heche , Oliver Platt , Tia Carrere , Doug Savant , Sophia Bush , Rebecca Gayheart , Richard Burgi , Bradley Cooper , Daphne Zuniga , Melanie Griffith , Linda Hunt , Steve Sandvoss , Tiffany Pollard , Jennifer Coolidge , Armin Shimerman , Kate Mara and Richard Chamberlain .


United States

In the US, the series first aired on July 22, 2003 on FX . The season finale ran on October 21, 2003 on FX. The second season aired between June 22 and October 5, 2004. The third season was broadcast from September 20 to December 20, 2004. The fourth season started on September 5 and ended on December 12, 2006. The fifth season was divided into two parts, the first 14 episodes ran between the 30 October 2007 and February 19, 2008. The remaining 8 episodes were shown on FX after an 11-month break between January 6, 2009 and March 3, 2009.

The sixth and final season was, like the fifth season before, broadcast in two parts. After the first 10 episodes were shown from October 14 to December 16, 2009, the last episodes of the series followed on January 6, 2010 with the so-called "Final Nine". The 100th episode aired on March 3, 2010.


In pay TV , Nip / Tuck could be seen on Sky in Germany from September 5, 2004 (at the time still premiered). The sixth and final season aired on Sky Cinema Hits from August 16, 2010 .

In free TV showed ProSieben the first season of 21 December 2004 until March 8, 2005. The second season aired from 11 January 2006, but the station decided to set the current broadcasting due to low ratings. From May 2 to August 15, 2007 ProSieben then showed the entire second season. From the third season, the series migrated from ProSieben to Sat.1 , which it aired from January 28 to May 19, 2008 on late Monday evening. The fourth season was also broadcast on Sat.1 from May 26 to September 1, 2008. Seasons 5 and 6 ran at night on Sat1 as double episodes in October 2012, the last episode on October 30th.


In Austria, the second season ran in double episodes on ATV between June 1 and September 7, 2005 . The third season aired from March 4 to May 6, 2007. The Austrian broadcaster ATV showed the fourth season for the first time between March 20 and July 10, 2008. Between February 18 and July 29, 2010, the fifth season was shown as a free TV premiere on ATV.


Nip / Tuck - Beauty has its price can be used as ethics - Drama are called. In the United States, the series caused a sensation with its black humor and the message that it is by no means just about inner values . In addition, the operations are pretty drastic and Christian's sex scenes are shown quite freely. Ryan Murphy, writer and director, wanted to create a series in the tradition of The Sopranos and Six Feet Under with Nip / Tuck .

Everything is politically incorrect, pathos is nowhere to be seen. All the clichés that occur to you in connection with cosmetic surgery are celebrated with relish. Greedy doctors, process-mad patients, lifting for a visit to a swinger club, lively botox trade, nothing is left out. Formally, the series revolves around the doctors, but they tend to get down to business as craftsmen and businessmen. Their job is primarily about money, not about the health of their patients.

What is unusual about the series is that, in fact, there is no real identification figure. There are at least as many negative features for all of the characters' positive characteristics. McNamara is a good doctor, but a failure as a husband and businessman. Troy gets everyone to bed, but is under the morbid compulsion to have to act it out. Added to this is his addiction to luxury, which drives him to ever greater expenses. Any attempt by either of them to manfully face their weaknesses is doomed to failure from the outset. Troy's bumbling attempt to have a family with another sex addict fellow sufferer is just as unsuccessful as the affair of the honest McNamara with a patient who is terminally ill with cancer. His attempt to achieve something as a businessman with an individual practice also ended miserably. The secondary characters are similarly gloomy. McNamara's wife is beautiful and intelligent, but chronically ungrateful, bitchy to the limit of endurance, and obviously craves the man's partner. And son Matt shows so many behavioral problems, from bumbling self-circumcision to a brisk threesome with the friendly lesbians from school, that the question of who the father is can actually be considered clear.


The series won three Emmys (in minor categories such as best make-up) and received four other nominations. There were also three acting nominations for the Golden Globe Award , two for Joely Richardson and one for Julian McMahon. Nip / Tuck also won the 2005 Golden Globe for best drama series.


  • As in the series, actresses Vanessa Redgrave and Joely Richardson are mother and daughter in normal life.
  • The Siamese twins appearing in the episode "Rose and Raven Rosenberg" are represented by Reba and Lori Schappell. The two sisters strictly refuse to separate from each other.
  • Joely Richardson delayed accepting the role for over a year because her daughter, actress Daisy Bevan , was seriously ill at the time and had to undergo multiple operations.


The series has so far been adapted internationally twice:

  • In Germany, RTL adapted the series as early as 2004 under the title Beauty Queen , with Jochen Horst and Carsten Spengemann in the leading roles. This adaptation, which was not issued as such, was discontinued after 4 episodes.
  • In Colombia the series was adapted in 2013 as a soap opera with slight changes in the characters, under the title Mentiras perfectas . This adaptation by the broadcaster Caracol Televisión has a size of 58 episodes.


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