Ripped off!

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German title Ripped off!
Original title Scorched
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2003
length 89 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Gavin Grazer
script Joe Wein ,
Max Wein
production Al Corley ,
Eugene Musso ,
Bart Rosenblatt
music John Frizzell
camera Bruce Douglas Johnson
cut Kathryn Himoff

Ripped off! ( Scorched ) is an American comedy film directed by Gavin Grazer from 2003. It stars Alicia Silverstone , Rachael Leigh Cook , Woody Harrelson and John Cleese .


The events that take place over a weekend are shown in a flashback .

Sheila, Woods and Stuart work in a bank in a small town. They are frustrated and independently of each other come up with the idea of ​​robbing the bank. Sheila wants revenge on her former friend Rick, the store manager. She hopes that if someone empties the ATM, he will be fired for neglecting security.

Woods lives with a duck whose mother was killed by Mr. Merchant. He wants to steal the millionaire's black money kept in the bank safe. As the branch manager's deputy, he has one of the two keys to the locker, and Mr. Merchant hides the second in his dog's collar.

At first, Stuart only thinks hypothetically of borrowing money, betting everything on black in a casino in Las Vegas on the weekend , thus doubling it and then giving it back. His friend persuades him to implement the plan, which Stuart first refuses.

Meanwhile, the saleswoman Shmally - who bought videos with useless advice from Merchant - wants to take revenge on him by throwing eggs at his house. Your friend is applying for a job without success. During one of the interviews he hears that his T-shirt with writing useless ( useless ) a revelation was.

Woods breaks into Mr. Merchant's house, where he is attacked by the dog. Merchant returns home and is constantly on the verge of discovering Woods hiding. However, he is distracted by Shmally, who is pelting eggs at his house. He takes up a gun and chases the girl. Woods discovers the key to the locker in the well while fighting the dog. He also learns that Merchant was the hunter who killed his duck's mother. Sheila empties the ATM while Woods clears Merchants' locker and leaves a mocking note in the name of his duck.

Stuart steals about $ 260,000. He doubles the money by playing a game in Las Vegas and returns the stolen sum as planned. After that, Sheila, Woods and Stuart quit their jobs. Shmally's friend is hired at the bank and later rises to the position of deputy branch manager.


Duane Byrge praised the script and the performance of the actors in the Hollywood Reporter of January 1, 2005 (" The players are all top-dollar "). The comedy is " wonderfully headstrong ".

Rich Cline wrote on in 2003 that the film mimicked the comedy A Fish Called Wanda so badly it hurts. He criticized the script, the dialogues, the presentations, the camera work and the editing.


The film was in Palmdale ( California turned). Its production amounted to an estimated 7 million US dollars .

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