Nightcrawler - Every night has its price

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German title Nightcrawler - Every night has its price
Original title Nightcrawler
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2014
length 117 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
JMK 16
Director Dan Gilroy
script Dan Gilroy
production Jennifer Fox
Jake Gyllenhaal
Tony Gilroy
David Lancaster
Michel Litvak
music James Newton Howard
camera Robert Elswit
cut John Gilroy

Nightcrawler - Every night has its price (original title: Nightcrawler ) is an American crime - thriller from the year 2014 . The directorial debut of Dan Gilroy , who also wrote the screenplay, is about a young man who works as a freelance journalist in Los Angeles in search of sensational pictures of accidents and crimes. Jake Gyllenhaal , Rene Russo , Riz Ahmed and Bill Paxton can be seen in the leading roles . The film premiered on September 5, 2014 at the Toronto International Film Festival . The German theatrical release was on November 13, 2014.


Louis Bloom, a petty criminal, drives his old Japanese compact car through Los Angeles to commit theft. In a car accident he meets a cameraman, a so-called nightcrawler , whom he tries to get a job, but which he refuses. In a shop selling stolen goods, Bloom then exchanges a stolen racing bike for a camera and a radio to eavesdrop on police radio.

He is slowly establishing himself as a particularly ruthless and resourceful cameraman, supplying the unsuccessful news channel KWLA in Los Angeles with footage of accidents and acts of violence, where the equally inconsiderate editor Nina is in charge. She recognizes and promotes his talent. Bloom is always polite and never loses control or demeanor, but clearly has psychopathic traits. He has acquired knowledge about management and business administration on the Internet, which he knows how to apply in negotiations. As an intern, he hires the gullible Rick, who is to navigate him, the driver, through the streets of Los Angeles. Rick initially feels scruples, but soon loses them. Many storylines are only hinted at. It remains unclear whether Bloom killed or only injured a security guard at the beginning of the film, what the partly blackmailed, partly voluntary sexual relationship between him and the journalist Nina, who is twice her age, looks like and to what extent he was involved in the serious accident of his competitor Joe Loder.

In one night Bloom, who is now driving a sports car, manages to be at the scene of a three-time robbery long before the police arrive. He first films the fleeing perpetrators, then enters the house, films the bloodied corpses and is gone with Rick before the police arrive. He hands over the material to Nina and later also to the police, but withholds the recordings of the perpetrators. In cold blood he demands more money from Nina, naming his company as a source, contacts on the station and even a sexual relationship. With the help of the license plate number of the getaway car, Bloom determines the place of residence of one of the murderers and waits for him there with Rick. In order to get spectacular pictures again, he wants to film the arrest of the murderers in a livelier area than their apartment and therefore follows them to a restaurant before calling the police. When this arrives, there is a brutal exchange of fire, in which one of the two perpetrators escapes with the car. Bloom and Rick chase the fugitive killer right behind the police. The chase ends when both the getaway car and the police car are involved in a serious accident.

Since Rick had tried to extort a significant increase in his salary from Bloom during the shadowing because of the great danger he had become aware of, the latter lets him take a close-up of the murdered murderer in his car, knowing full well that he is still alive. The killer shoots Rick and frees himself from the wreck. After a brief eye contact, he ignores Bloom, who is filming from a few meters away, and hobbles with the gun in hand towards the arriving police car, whereupon he is shot after a brief warning. Bloom films everything, hands over all of the material to Nina and is arrested by the police while still on the station. However, since this cannot provide any evidence that he deliberately withheld information, he is released again.

In the last scene, Bloom gives a short speech to three new interns before the team of four sets off for night work in two vans.



The film received mostly positive reviews. At Metacritic , Nightcrawler received a Metascore of 76/100 based on 45 reviews, at Rotten Tomatoes 95 percent of the 232 reviews were positive. In summary, one writes there that the film offers "a dark, thought-provoking thrill due to its restless and visual elegance" paired with the "smooth performance of Jake Gyllenhaal".

Jörg Buttgereit was enthusiastic about epd Film . Nightcrawler is “an invitation to the viewer to self-reflect on their own curiosity”, a directorial debut that “looks like a conglomerate of Oliver Stone's wild media accusation Natural Born Killers and David Cronenberg's“ auto-erotic ”  crash ”. Much appears to be "cynically exaggerated", but is "hardly exaggerated on closer inspection". Ultimately, "the film tells a classic American success story [...] with a frighteningly real bitter aftertaste".

Awards and nominations

  • Nomination in the category for Best Editing - Drama for John Gilroy
AFI Award
  • Award in the Film of the Year category
Austin Film Critics Association
  • Award in the Best Actor category for Jake Gyllenhaal
  • Award for Best Original Screenplay for Dan Gilroy
  • Award for Best Picture for Dan Gilroy
AACTA International Award
  • Nomination for Best Actor for Jake Gyllenhaal
Boston Society of Film Critics
Chicago Film Critics Association Award
Critics' Choice Movie Award
Detroit Film Critics Society
  • Nomination for Best Actor for Jake Gyllenhaal
  • Nomination for Best Supporting Actress for Rene Russo
Golden Globe Award
Gotham Award
  • Nomination in the Breakthrough Director Award category for Dan Gilroy
  • Nomination in the Breakthrough Actor Award category for Riz Ahmed
Independent Spirit Award
  • Nomination in the category Best First Film
  • Nomination for Best Actor for Jake Gyllenhaal
  • Nomination for Best Supporting Actor for Riz Ahmed
  • Nomination for Best Screenplay for Dan Gilroy
  • Nomination for Best Editing for John Gilroy
London Critics' Circle Film Award
Los Angeles Film Critics Association
National Board of Review
  • Nomination as one of the top ten films
National Society of Film Critics
New York Film Critics Circle Award
Online Film Critics Society Award
Palm Springs International Film Festival
  • Award for Dan Gilroy
Satellite Award
  • Nomination for Best Actor for Jake Gyllenhaal
  • Nomination for Best Original Screenplay for Dan Gilroy
Saturn Award
Screen Actors Guild Award
Stockholm International Film Festival
  • Nomination in the category Best Picture for Dan Gilroy
Toronto Film Critics Association
  • Nomination for Best Actor for Jake Gyllenhaal
  • Nomination in the category Best Picture for Dan Gilroy
Writers Guild of America
  • Nomination for Best Original Screenplay for Dan Gilroy

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