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Tony Gilroy, 2012

Tony Gilroy (born September 11, 1956 in New York , New York ) is an American screenwriter , film director and film producer .


He was born in Manhattan, the son of Pulitzer Prize winner Frank D. Gilroy . Like his brothers John and Dan ( Rene Russo's husband ), he followed in his father's footsteps and began writing film scripts in the early 1990s . His first major successes included On behalf of the Devil (1997) with Al Pacino and the disaster film Armageddon - The Last Judgment (1998) with Bruce Willis .

In 2001, Gilroy began Robert Ludlum's successful bestseller trilogy to rewrite the CIA killer Jason Bourne into scripts. The following two film adaptations were a success; the third part was released in 2007 under the title The Bourne Ultimatum . In the same year, the screenwriter and film producer celebrated his debut as a director with the feature film Michael Clayton , for which he received an Oscar nomination. In the thriller, George Clooney slips into the title role of a burnt-out New York lawyer who is put on a multi-million dollar class action lawsuit. Michael Clayton celebrates its premiere at the 64th Venice Film Festival , where the film was included in the official competition but received no awards. In 2009, Duplicity - Shared Secret Matter was his second directorial work.

In 2012 Gilroy directed The Bourne Legacy, a sequel to the Bourne film series, for which he also wrote the script. As a screenwriter, he was also involved in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016).



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