Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

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Anime television series
title Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
Original title 遊 ☆ 戯 ☆ 王 デ ュ エ ル モ ン ス タ ー ズ GX
transcription Yūgiō Dyueru Monsutāzu GX
GX logo.png
Country of production JapanJapan Japan
original language Japanese
Year (s) 2004-2008
Studio Gallop
length 25 minutes
Episodes 180 in 4 seasons
genre Shōnen , adventure
Director Hatsuki Tsuji
music Yutaka Minobe
First broadcast October 6, 2004 on TV Tokyo
first broadcast
February 20, 2006 on RTL II

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX ( Japanese 遊 ☆ 戯 ☆ 王 デ ュ エ ル モ ン ス タ ー ズ GX , Yū-Gi-Ō Dyueru Monsutāzu GX / Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX ) is an anime and manga series and successor to the series Yu-Gi-Oh! . The plot begins about three years after it ends. The GX as a suffix compared to the previous stands for G eneration ne X t .

As in the previous game, the focus of the plot is the "Duel Monsters" collectible card game, which is now deeply rooted in society. It is therefore not surprising that Seto Kaiba founded a dueling academy that teaches how to play Duel Monsters. The boy Jaden Yuki applied to this academy.

From Yu-Gi-Oh! GX exists both an anime version and a manga adaptation of this television series. The following article is mostly about the television series.


The trading card game "Duel Monsters" has gained considerable popularity within the series universe in recent years and is now firmly integrated into everyday life there. Jaden Yuki, who grew up in this world, is accepted into a school that - like some others around the world - specializes in teaching this card game. The academy was founded by Seto Kaiba and is almost completely cut off from the outside world on a desert island. Therefore, the events in the first episodes are mostly limited to this island.

The first season

After some quarrels, the main character Jaden comes to the Duel Academy as a promising dueling talent and quickly makes talk of himself and his abilities, so that he soon even represents the academy in a duel against a competing dueling school (North Academy) and emerges as the winner. In addition to many new friends, he also initially found bitter opponents in the Vice Chancellor of the Duel Academy, Professor Crowler, and his classmate Chazz Princeton, whom he gradually won over to his side.

From episode 27 the first actual plot begins: Seven bounty hunters (shadow riders) are supposed to steal seven keys that were entrusted to the seven selected duelists on behalf of the former headmaster Kagemaru. With the seven key fragments, seven stone gates can be opened in a cave under the dueling academy, which together seal the spirits of three demons. If the demons were to regain freedom, chaos would spread over the world. With the help of the demons, Kagemaru wants to attain eternal youth. The seven key guards are Jaden, Alexis, Bastion, Chazz and Zane, as well as Professors Crowler and Banner. One after the other, the key guards are defeated in duels and have to reveal their keys, but in the decisive duel, Jaden succeeds in defying Kagemaru and saving the world.

At the end of the year, Zane is bid farewell with a graduation duel that he wants to contest with Jaden. This duel ends in a draw.

The second season

A lot has changed in the second season of the series: Chancellor Sheppard has left the dueling academy. Dr. Crowler has taken over the management, his new Vice Chancellor is the equally extravagant Bonaparte. Faced with the problem that the academy is losing popularity more and more, the two are now trying to recruit dueling professionals.

Zane's debut as a professional duel is also anything but positive. Not only does he look like an amateur when he is defeated, his first opponent Aster Phoenix also uses the same deck as Jaden and also announces that he will enroll as a student at the Dueling Academy. After Jaden also loses to him, Zane and Jaden disappear without a trace, and while Zane falls into darkness, Jaden wants to leave the dueling academy first because he can no longer recognize his cards, wakes up after his boat capsized, but haphazardly Neo-space. Here he gets his self-confidence back through a neo-space dweller and can recognize his cards. He is also given the task of saving the universe from the light. From this point on, his deck is strengthened by the neo-space dwellers.

The rest of the storyline continues with the clairvoyant manager of Aster, Sartorius, converting the blue accommodation of the Duel Academy into a white one and founding his "Society of Light". Sartorius is attracting more and more academy duelists to his side. a. also Chazz, Alexis and Bastion, but all except Bastion, who is leaving the academy, later turn their backs on the organization after losing duels against Jaden. Sartorius wants to enlighten humanity with a satellite in space, but after the defeat against Jaden he loses his clairvoyant abilities, his obsession with an evil alien, and the satellite is destroyed. The winner of the GX tournament that has now taken place is Chazz Princeton, with Jaden letting him win the tournament. He defeated Blair Flannigan in the final.

The third season

In the third season, the white accommodation becomes blue again. Jaden, Syrus, Alexis and Atticus have now been at the academy for the last year, and Blair, who is in love with Jaden, is now also at the academy. The academy is visited by Prof. Viper and the best duelists from other academies, Jesse Anderson, Axel Brodie, Jim “Crocodile” Cook and Adrian Gecko. First of all, every duelist on the island is equipped with a "bio-tape" from Professor Viper, and he starts the duel for survival. Jaden and his friends get to know the new duelists better through duels, but at the same time notice the effect of the bio-ribbons, which suck out the duelist's energy. They discover the secret of Viper and he duels Jaden. Viper loses, and the entire Dueling Academy is transported to another dimension.

Bastion also reappears there. A lot has changed in the Dueling Academy: Most of the academy's students have become zombies, among other things. a. also Syrus, Chazz and Dr. Crowler. This is due to the enormous energy loss of the duelists with the bio-ribbons. The shy and fearful Marcel, who turns out to be Bonaparte's son, is possessed by a soul and snatches the three sacred monster cards. In a duel in which Jesse and Jaden play his strongest card, the "rainbow dragon", they defeat Marcel, who is freed. He was obsessed with "Yubel", which Jaden seems to know. With the help of the "rainbow dragon" Jesse brings Jaden, all the students and the entire academy back, but he stays.

Jaden is plagued by his conscience and wants to save Jesse. With his friends he opens the door to the other dimension. Also Aster, Zane, Dr. Crowler, Echo and Adrian are part of the party. Everyone is desperate to find Jesse. Jaden loses Atticus, Alexis, Chazz and Hassleberry in a duel with the ruler of the Dark World, since then Jaden has been changed and becomes his evil self, the "Supreme King", the new, absolutely merciless ruler of the Dark World (jap. " Haou Judai "). Syrus, Jim and Axel turn away from him. Jim loses the duel against Jaden, but with the "Eye of Orichalcum" that he gives Axel, Axel defeats him and converts him back to the good side, but Axel also loses his life. Jaden, Syrus, Aster, Zane, Dr. Crowler and Echo set off to look for Jesse further. They meet Adrian, who does everything to become the new ruler of the other dimension with Exodia, which leads to him sacrificing Echo for his own purposes. Aster sacrifices his life in a duel so that Jaden and Co. can escape. The rest of the group finds Jesse, who is obsessed with "Yubel". Zane loses his life in a duel with Jesse because of his dark heart (which is portrayed as a severe heart condition). A little later, Adrian is defeated by Jesse and sent into the darkness. In the meantime Bastion announces, together with the former shadow rider Tania, to stay in the dimension. Jaden now competes against Jesse and can defeat and save him, but now the real duel against "Yubel" begins. Because of their inseparable friendship in antiquity, Jaden ultimately merged with "super-polymerisation" and Yubel. All those who were thought to be dead now appear again in the dueling academy through Yubel, with the exception of Jaden, Bastion and Adrian. Jaden returns, but he is no longer the same, which can also be seen in the fact that he almost never smiles.

The fourth season

In the final season, the main characters are in their senior year, with the exception of Hassleberry and Blair. By merging with Yubel, Jaden went from being a child to being an adult. A new student appears who pretends to be Yusuke Fujiwara and manipulates everyone to know him. But the trick doesn't work with Jaden. At the same time, a new, mysterious opponent appears: Trueman, who also calls himself Mr. T. He's after Yusuke, but his real goals are still unknown. Zane also returns, but still very weak from the darkness in his heart, he gives his little brother his old deck and wants to build a new one. Later it turns out that Yusuke is not Yusuke, but Honest, his dueling spirit, in search of his master. Trueman challenges Jaden a few times, but always takes the shorter one. After a while, Mr. T first makes some students of the academy disappear, then all the people in Domino, in the end only Atticus, Jaden and Jesse are left in this world. It turns out that behind Trueman is the real Yusuke, who is controlled by Nightshroud. With a trick he defeats Atticus, and now Jaden and Jesse duel against him. Jaden can beat him and withdraw the darkness from him, his real enemy is Nightshroud, the darkness that was in the mask all the time and also manipulated Atticus and Yusuke. Jaden manages to bring humanity back, to wipe out Nightshroud and thus to withdraw the world from darkness. Now the big congratulations are imminent. Jaden separates himself from the others and does not take part in the celebration. The "winged Kuriboh" leads him to the "King of the Games", Yugi Muto, who sends him on a journey into the past, on which he is supposed to find what he has lost. Yugi and Jaden duel, during the duel Jaden finds what he lost in all other duels, and the duel is over. Jaden finds herself in the desert and is looking for a new adventure with Banner and the cat Pharaoh.


main characters

  • Jaden Yuki ( 遊 城 十 代 Yūki Judai )

He is the hero of the series and a very talented duelist. Due to his excessive self-confidence, he sometimes acts rashly and rashly. Although he does very well in his admission duel, the results of the written exams are much worse, which is why he comes to "Slifer Red". After a short time he was offered the opportunity to climb up to "Ra Yellow", but he declined because he was staying with friends and others in the accommodation. a. Syrus has found.

  • Syrus Truesdale ( 丸 藤 翔 Marufuji Shō )

Syrus is Jaden's roommate and best friend, from the first episode on, he is by Jaden's side. Actually, he is not a bad duelist, but because of his shyness and lack of self-confidence, he often makes stupid mistakes in important duels, which is why he came to the house of "Slifer Red". Zane is Syru's older brother and was a major contributor to his lack of self-esteem. Through the friendship with Jaden, Syrus improved his self-confidence and his strength, which leads to the fact that he rises in the second season after "Ra Yellow". In the third season he switched to "Obelisk Blue" for a short time, but returned to "Ra Yellow" to take care of his friend, Jaden. In the fourth season he is in the accommodation "Obelisk Blue" from the start.

  • Alexis Rhodes ( 天上 院 明日香 Tenjōin Asuka )

Alexis is a stubborn and stubborn friend of Jaden. She is in the house "Obelisk Blue" right from the start. Her biggest goal is to find a trace of her brother Atticus, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. After this reappeared under the name "Nightshroud" (in Japanese "Darkness"), she tries everything to restore his lost memory, which she mostly succeeds in doing.

  • Chazz Princeton ( 万丈 目 準 Manjōme Jun )

The arrogant but nevertheless clever Chazz made it straight to the “Obelisk Blue” house. He is therefore of the opinion that all students with bad grades should be expelled from school immediately, especially of course his competitor Jaden. After suffering a few defeats from Jaden and Bastion, he leaves school and joins a rival academy (Nordakademie), but returns after another duel with Jaden, but comes to "Slifer Red". Last year at the academy, he's back in Obelisk Blue.

  • Tyranno Hassleberry ( テ ィ ラ ノ 剣 山 Tirano Kenzan )

From season 2 he is a friend of Jaden and as a duelist of the academy and regularly gets into trouble with Syrus. His outfit is very noticeable, he wears u. a. a bandana that looks like the skull of a dinosaur. Its deck is mostly made up of dinosaurs, and Hassleberry has dinosaur DNA in its blood as well. Hassleberry is wild and daring and speaks very militarily to his friends (in the original he always adds a “-don” or “-saurus” to the end of a sentence). In the fourth season, however, he has grown up and become more respectful.

  • Zane Truesdale ( 丸 藤 亮 Marufuji Ryō )

Zane has also been part of the game from the start, he's in the house "Obelisk Blue" and the best duelist at the academy, which is why he is nicknamed "Kaiser" in the Japanese version. He is Syrus' older brother, and apparently put him under constant pressure. Its deck is made up of cyber dragons. Later, after an underground duel with Shroud, he becomes “Finsteren Zane” (“Hell Kaiser”), who, in contrast to old Zane, is disrespectful and seems to have no more feelings. In the fourth season, he gives his little brother his deck to start over later.

  • Blair Flannigan ( 早 乙 女 レ イ Saotome Rei )

Blair was performing in her first year at Dueling Academy, disguised as a boy to get closer to Zane, with whom she was in love. After the duel with Jaden, she fell in love with him, but had to leave the academy because she was too young. At the end of the second year she appeared again in the GX tournament, but lost the final there against Chazz. In the third season she is a student at the Duel Academy in "Slifer Red", in season 4 already in "Obelisk Blue", but keeps her old uniform.

More characters

In addition to numerous (sometimes joking) dialogue references to the previous series, some characters known from the previous series also appear in brief appearances. They include Yugi Muto, Seto Kaiba, Maximillian Pegasus, Salomon Muto and the Paradox brothers.


The anime series produced by the animation studio Gallop was first broadcast on October 6, 2004 by the Japanese TV station TV Tokyo . Directed by Hatsuki Tsuji .

In Germany, the first season was broadcast on February 20, 2006 by RTL II and ran until May 5 with one episode per working day. The German first broadcast of the second season started on September 29, 2006, but in a weekly broadcast in order to switch to the working day rhythm after a while. Since January 16, 2008, the third season has been broadcast with one episode per working day.

With 180 episodes, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX ended in Japan in late March 2008. Another follow-up series, “ Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s ", which is about 18-year-old Yusei Fudo .

In addition to Japan and Germany, the television series will also be broadcast in Brazil, Australia, Italy, France, Great Britain, Taiwan, South Korea, the Philippines and the United States.

Difference between the original and international version

Like the previous series, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX is only broadcast true to the original in East Asia. The US company 4kids Entertainment once again acquired the world rights for marketing in western countries . This version of the anime has also been broadcast on German TV station RTL II since February 2006 . 4Kids underwent some extensive adjustments to the series for broadcast on US television . Many Japanese names were replaced by western ones, and other opening titles and sometimes background music were used. The cards were partly redesigned or renamed and Japanese script, alcohol, cigarettes, weapons and depictions of naked people or monsters were removed or changed. In addition, the location is no longer Japan. Entire sequences showing how people die or are seriously injured have also been cut out. In addition, 4kids skipped episodes 156 to 180 to play Yu-Gi-Oh! To broadcast 5D’s .


character Japanese speaker ( seiyū ) German speaker
Jaden Yuki Ken'ichirō Ōhashi Julius Jellinek
Syrus Truesdale Masami Susuki Constantin von Jascheroff
Alexis Rhodes Sanae Kobayashi Tanya Kahana
Chumley Huffington Takehiro Hasu Hans Hohlbein
Zane Truesdale Takeshi Maeda Dennis Schmidt-Foss
Chazz Princeton Taiki Matsuno David Turba
Dr. Vellian Crowler Hiroshi Shimizu Santiago Ziesmer
Misawa Bastion Yūki Masuda Tobias Müller
Prof. Lyman Banner Kappei Yamaguchi Thomas Nero Wolff
Chancellor Sheppard Masami Iwasaki Frank-Otto Schenk
Atticus Rhodes Kōji Yusa Nicolás Artajo
Aster Phoenix Akira Ishida Julien Haggége
Satorius Takehito Koyasu Peter Flechtner
Tyranny Hassleberry Hiroshi Shimozaki Jesco Wirthgen
Jean-Luis Bonaparte Naoki Tatsuta Michael Pan
Thelonious Viper Masaya Takatsuka Peter Reinhardt
Jesse Anderson Kanako Irie Marius Clarén
Axel Brodie Naru Kawamoto Michael Bauer
Adrian Gecko Saichōya Rainer Fritzsche
Jim Crocodile Cook Naoya Iwahashi Ozan Unal


Four opening credits were produced for the television series . These are Kaisei Josho Hallelujah ( 快 晴 ・ 上昇 ・ ハ レ ル ー ヤ ) by Jindō , 99% and Teardrop ( テ ィ ア ド ロ ッ プ ) by BOWL and Precious Time, Glory Days by Psychic Lover . For the credits , JAM Project produced Genkai Battle ( 限界 バ ト ル ) and KENN Wake Up Your Heart . In addition, one used as the final title Taiyō ( 太陽 ) by Bite the Lung and Endless Dream by Hiroshi Kitadani.

For the international version, 4kids let the title Game on! as the opening melody, which was used locally in the German version and which was titled Fang an! was also released on a soundtrack sampler . A modified version of the song was used as the end credits.


In Japan, Shueisha published a manga adaptation of the anime in V-Jump magazine . The story is about the same main characters, but they are shown in different adventures. It ends with 64 chapters.

The manga was published in the USA by Viz Media in the USA Shonen Jump and in anthologies.

Video games

Game Boy Advance Games:

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Duel Academy
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2006

Nintendo DS games:

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Spirit Caller
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2007
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2008

PlayStation Portable Games:

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force (2007)
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 2 (2008)
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 3 (2008)

PlayStation 2 games:

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force Evolution (2007)

PlayStation 4 games:

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist (2015)

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