American Pie 2

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German title American Pie 2
Original title American Pie 2
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2001
length 106 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
JMK 14
Director James B. Rogers
script Adam heart
production Chris Moore
Craig Perry
Warren Zide
music David Nessim Lawrence
camera Mark Irwin
cut Larry Madaras
Stuart H. Pappé

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American Pie - Like a hot apple pie

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American Pie - Now we're getting married

American Pie 2 is an American teen comedy directed by James B. Rogers from 2001. It is the sequel to the film American Pie .


About a year has passed since the first part. Jim, Oz, Kevin and Finch - the protagonists from the first part - have meanwhile left high school and are going to college for the first year . But the start of her first semester break is bumpy: Stifler's parties are banned by the police, there is boredom, and when it comes to love affairs, not everything goes as planned. Kevin in particular suffers from the fact that everything has changed, and he turns to his big brother Tom with confidence.

He suggests spending the upcoming summer with his friends in a vacation home on Lake Michigan - after that they would see things with different eyes. Everyone agrees with this suggestion and packs their bags. However, the four find that despite their financial grants and a number of odd jobs, they cannot afford the house. Without further ado, Stifler joins the group as another paying house guest, and together the quintet sets off towards the (fictional) town of "Grand Harbor".

On site, the five nestle at home - with the aim of having a big party at the end of their stay. While the group still has to survive a lot until this event and a. If you get into an embarrassing situation in the house of two apparently lesbians while on vacation , each of the five different problems of a sexual nature also has them.

Jim is once again the focus when Nadia - the exchange student from the first part - announces her visit at the end of the summer and is looking forward to a rendezvous with Jim. Since he is still relatively untrained in love affairs, he trustingly turns to Michelle - his date from prom - to practice with her. In doing so, both of them come closer to each other.

Oz tries to be loyal to his girlfriend Heather and resists a number of advances. During Heather's stay abroad in Spain, the two of them try to maintain contact and relationships by telephone. They also try to create some nice moments by means of phone sex, but are always disturbed.

Kevin and Vicky have now drifted apart, but still want to remain friends. However, Kevin mourns the time together, although Vicky already has a new boyfriend. Kevin finally has to come to terms with the situation.

Since Finch's tête-à-tête with Stifler's mom at the end of part one, Finch and Stifler have been enemies, poke each other up and don't let each other down. When Finch believes that Stifler's mother will also be coming to the party at the end of summer, he tries to use tantra to prepare for a sexual adventure with her. When the visitor turns out to be Stifler's little brother, Finch is totally upset and throws everything overboard. So he puts away the book on tantra and instead pulls out the flask he got from Jessica at the prom.

Finally the day of the party has come and the four friends realize what life is really about during a sit-in on the beach: friendship and the fact that change doesn't necessarily mean bad. And the party is also a success for them when it comes to love. Kevin and Vicky become friends again, and Oz can even hug Heather early because she took an earlier flight to surprise him on her return trip from Europe. Nadia has also arrived, and Jim is about to have sex with her before the suggestion occurs that he loves Michelle. Nadia is initially frustrated and at the party starts talking to Sherman, who wonders if his scam as "Sherminator" is really a good choice for addressing girls. Contrary to his opinion, Nadia likes it. The two disappear into a room in the house. Meanwhile, Jim is on his way to the band camp where Michelle is spending the holidays. He picks her up there and takes her to the party - and to a night together.

Except for Kevin, each of the main characters finds a partner at the party with whom they have sex: Oz with Heather, Jim with Michelle, Nadia with Sherman and Stifler with the two pseudo-lesbians who come out as straight. Only Finch remains solo, but Stifler's mother suddenly appears on the day of departure, with whom he embarks on another adventure.


  • At American Pie 2, the friendship aspect was increased and the parties got even bigger. In general, the story continued, and so all characters reappear (including Stifler's little brother ( Eli Marienthal ) and Mom). However, the focus of the story is increasingly placed on Jim & Michelle.
  • With a budget of 30 million dollars , the film played worldwide almost 300 million dollars, that was despite poor reviews a financial success.
  • There were efforts to have Stifler's father appear in the film. Bill Paxton and Chris Penn were among others in discussion for the part . However, this was not realized.
  • Director James B. Rogers and screenwriter Adam Herz have guest appearances. They can be seen as business people in the background when Kevin is on the phone with his older brother.


James Berardinelli criticized on “ReelViews” that the film only existed because the previous film was financially successful. It is less amusing than the first film and "uninspired".

“Short-story sequel to a commercially successful teenage comedy (" American Pie ", 1999), which shows little sense of timing and whose dirty jokes tire after a short time. Even the actors don't understand how to build on their performance in the previous film. "


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  • ASCAP Award 2002
  • Bogey Award 2001
  • Canadian Comedy Award 2002
  • Teen Choice Award 2002
  • various individual awards

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