Jackass: The Movie

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German title Jackass: The Movie
Original title Jackass: The Movie
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2002
length 85 minutes
Age rating FSK 18
Director Jeff Tremaine
script Jeff Tremaine,
Spike Jonze ,
Johnny Knoxville
production David Gale ,
John Miller,
Trip Taylor
camera Dimitry Elyashkevicz
cut Liz Ewart,
Mark Hansen,
Kristine Young

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Jackass: Number Two

Jackass: The Movie is the film for the MTV series Jackass of the same name from 2002 . It was produced by Paramount Pictures and MTV Films .

The film was nominated in 2003 for the Teen Choice Award and in three categories at the MTV Movie Awards and in 2004 for the Golden Satellite Award, but only won the negative award of the Golden Raspberry in the category of the most farting teen film in 2003 .


The film follows the principle of the television series and consists of short clips in which stunts , tests of courage and sometimes morally reprehensible actions are carried out by young actors. Jackass: The Movie follows its MTV roots in terms of style. The protagonists are introduced in the title sequence as they drive down a street in an oversized shopping cart and expose themselves to dangerous moments.

The film has no specific framework and is presented as a satirical documentary without continuity. The aim of the scenes shown is always to turn an idea that is as questionable as possible into reality. The actions range from arousing public nuisance to forms of self-mutilation , which usually have to be carried out by one or more members of the group to amuse the rest. The core principle of the film concept is the obvious arousing of feelings of disgust or shock reactions. The biggest difference to the television format is the fact that scenes can also be shown uncensored which have content that is not permitted on television.

Detailed description / concepts

The film can be divided into three facets:

Action cabaret

  • Johnny Knoxville borrows a rental car, completely destroys it in a stock car race, brings it back in this condition, waits for the employee's reaction and finally fled.
  • Some performers dress up as retirees and test the patience of their public environment with actions that are exaggerated for the embodied age group, such as shoplifting, obstructing traffic or racing in wheelchairs. This mask was also used for a ghost scene after the credits , where the entire team is struck by the most unlikely catastrophes and killed.
  • Chris Pontius comes to the fore in several scenes as a party boy and harasses shop employees, security staff or other people with a strongly expressed party motivation, which is always carried out on the spot.
  • Part of the team wanders through Japan and either walks around with a traditional gong to scare people with it, or Preston Lacy (overweight) chases Wee Man (short of stature) in sumo clothing across a city.
  • Dave England visits a sanitary ware store with great need and does his business in an exhibit.
  • A running gag of the film is the recurring scene in which Johnny Knoxville places the camera behind a beard trimmer and to the tones of the theme music by Psycho approaches a team member and shaves a notch in the hair of the surprised person concerned.
  • Office workers are surprised by Bam Margera and Johnny Knoxville, dressed as robbers and falling from the ceiling. The two fake a failed escape and thus force a reaction from those around them.
  • Wee-Man hides under an oversized cone and walks around Tokyo like that.
  • Johnny Knoxville, Dave England and Ehren McGhehey hide in the bushes on a golf course to disturb with a horn every time a player strikes to tee off. They screw up the tee box so that some players feel compelled to beat the troublemakers with their irons. A player even hits two balls in the bushes.
  • Ehren McGhehey urinates on and then eats ice cream.
  • Bam Margera's parents are victims of his sometimes very bad pranks several times in the film: For example, he puts an alligator in his parents' kitchen and makes fun of his mother's hysterical reactions with his friends. He also wakes her up one night with fireworks, which, however, are still placed in several places and thus prolong the shock of the parents. Among other things, he surprises his father in the toilet, hits him and tears the shirt off his body so that he then sits naked in front of the camera.


  • Bam Margera, Brandon DiCamillo, Johnny Knoxville and Ryan Dunn take a ride in two golf carts across a golf course and dare to make life-threatening maneuvers, one of which ends up dangerous.
  • Johnny Knoxville is shot at with a projectile normally used to fight civil unrest and injures himself in the process.
  • In the back of a truck, some of the actors take a few party accessories and sit on roller skates and try to have a party while the vehicle is moving.
  • Three of the group are riding skateboards through a Japanese city in panda costumes and trying tricks.
  • Johnny Knoxville boxes heavyweight champion Eric Butterbean Esch in a sporting goods store and gets a laceration on his head and a concussion.
  • Ryan Dunn boxes the women's lightweight champion and injures himself.
  • Johnny Knoxville tries to keep his balance on roller skates that have been equipped with rocket propulsion and is partially injured in the process.
  • Ryan Dunn jumps into cacti with a BMX.
  • Although he can't skate, Johnny Knoxville tries a 50-50 grind on a rail with a skateboard and lands roughly on the ground.
  • In many scenes you can see excerpts from actions and maneuvers in various skate and freestyle facilities with Bam Margera. Scene professionals like Tony Hawk or Mat Hoffman often take part in these activities .
  • Johnny Knoxville lets himself be washed away with a jolt by a large mass of water that is in a container and is let go on him on command.
  • Steve-O jumps on a trampoline against the fan and lighting in a room and lands roughly on the table.
  • Ehren McGhehey walks disguised as a mouse through a room that is filled with mousetraps to get at cheese.
  • Steve-O and Chris Pontius have dead, small marine animals put in wide swimming trunks and jump into a body of water with whale sharks to let them eat the animals out of their pants.
  • Johnny Knoxville ends up being thrown into a lake with a big sling.

Pain Actions / Automutilation

  • Johnny Knoxville, Dave England, Chris Pontius and Ehren McGhehey test an electrical device that transfers voltage to the body, in different parts of the body, and Chris also in the genital area.
  • Steve-O has himself tattooed on the back of a lobster while the vehicle drives over open terrain.
  • Ryan Dunn inserts a toy car into his anus (wrapped in a condom) and then has it X-rayed by a doctor.
  • In Tropical Pole Vaulting , Steve-O runs around with a pole vault pole and catapults himself into various targets, ultimately also into heavily polluted water.
  • Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O cut open various parts of their bodies with sheets of paper.
  • Steve-O fires a fireworks rocket from his anus.
  • Chris Pontius fires a fireworks rocket that is connected to his penis by a ribbon.
  • Wee-Man kicks himself in the head.
  • Steve-O shimmy over a rope that is stretched over a reptile enclosure. Provided with plenty of bait, he tries to get over the hungry alligators to the other side.
  • Johnny Knoxville has a mini-alligator bite his nipple.
  • Raab Himself falls several times in underpants attached to a tree with elastic bands and remains mostly uninjured.
  • Steve-O pulls wasabi paste through his nose in a Japanese restaurant until he finally throws up.

Voice actor


“You shouldn't fool yourself: the film doesn't have a spark of a plot. Here, self-mutilation is simply indulged. Is that weird? Oh yeah! This is definitely the funniest - but also debilitating - film in recent years. 'Jackass' fans will love it. Everyone else shouldn't spend any money on it. And one thing should hopefully be clear to everyone: 'Don't try this at home!' "

- www.filmstarts.de


The film's soundtrack includes 14 tracks. The intro is accompanied by Carl Orff's Carmina Burana - O Fortuna.


song tape
Hi, My Name Is Johnny Knoxville Johnny Knoxville
corona Minutemen (band)
We want fun Andrew WK
Flesh Into Gear CKY (band)
Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In The Reccillos
California Sun Ramones
Turning Japanese The Vapors
Alright, Alright (Here's My Fist Where's The Fight?) Sahara hotnights
Let's get fucked up Smut Peddlers
Hybrid moments Misfits
Cha cha twist The Detroit Cobras
Angel of Death Slayer
Baby got back Sir Mix-a-Lot
How Did That Get There? dialog
If You're Gonna Be Dumb, You Gotta Be Tough Roger Alan Wade


  • The sequel Jackass: Number Two ran in US cinemas in the fall of 2006. The film was shown in Germany from November 30, 2006. The cast consisted of the same team as in Jackass: The Movie .
  • In February 2010, filming began under director Jeff Tremaine on the third feature film, which will be released in cinemas that same year under the title Jackass 3D . As the name suggests, the film is coming to cinemas in digital 3D. For this purpose, around 80 percent of the film was shot directly in 3D. Partly converted to 3D and partly left in 2D. The film was released in theaters in November 2010.

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