American Dreamz - All for show

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German title American Dreamz - All for show
Original title American Dreamz
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2006
length 107 minutes
Age rating FSK 6
Director Paul Weitz
script Paul Weitz
production Kerry Kohansky ,
Rodney M. Liber ,
Andrew Miano ,
Chris Weitz ,
Paul Weitz
music Stephen Trask
camera Robert Elswit
cut Myron I. Kerstein

American Dreamz - all just for show ( American Dreamz ) is an American comedy film from the year 2006 .


A new season of "American Dreamz", a talent show based on American Idol , is coming up. The popular but cynical presenter of the show, Martin Tweed, wants to increase audience ratings through a controversial compilation of candidates. He ensures that in addition to the former karaoke queen Sally Kendoo, who comes from the American provinces and would do anything for her success, the Arab Omer Obeidi also takes part. Omer's mother was killed by the American forces, after which he should be trained as a terrorist. Since its interests but rather the show business are, it is used as sleepers sent to America for his uncle's family to have in the hope that "wake" him before.

Recently re-elected President of the United States, Staton, had a nervous breakdown the first time he read the newspaper. He realizes that the reality differs significantly from what his consultants, his only source of information to date, conveyed to him. As a result, he withdrew from the public, which led to wild speculation in the media. His chief of staff finally convinced him to launch an image campaign. He will therefore also appear as a guest judge in the final of “American Dreamz”.

Omer Obeidi unexpectedly wins the audience's sympathy and makes it to the finals together with Sally Kendoo. The terrorists see this as an opportunity to attack the president. Omer is said to be putting on an explosives belt shortly before the show begins and then blowing himself up near the president after his appearance. Shortly before his appearance, however, Omer changed his mind and threw the explosives belt into a trash can in the toilet. There he is found by the Iraq war veteran William Williams, Sally Kendoo's friend. He has just found out that Sally only used it to gain sympathy from the audience, and has also become intimate with the presenter Martin Tweed to increase her chances of winning the talent show. After Sally's appearance, he should have made her a marriage proposal in consultation with her manager. Instead, he comes on stage with Omer's explosive belt and accuses Sally and presenter Tweed of having an affair. After Omer and the President made unsuccessful appeals to remove the explosives belt, everyone left the studio except for William and Martin Tweed, who saw the chance of high ratings and operated the camera himself. William begins singing the show's theme song and is instructed by Tweed to approach the camera. This leads to contact between the camera and the trigger of the bomb, so that it detonates, the two are killed and the transmitter sends a test image .

Shortly thereafter, at the beginning of the next season of "American Dreamz", the new presenter Sally Kendoo announced that William Williams was chosen as the show's surprise winner. His irrational behavior is explained with post-traumatic stress. Omer Obeidi is now pursuing a successful musical career.


James Berardinelli criticized the comedy as "inconsistent" and "uninspired". He praised Hugh Grant, Mandy Moore, Dennis Quaid, and Willem Dafoe.

The "comedy work of art about the culture of superficiality" was in parts quite successful, says the lexicon of international film . As a political satire, “American Dreamz” is not very convincing.

Kai Kolwitz saw an "intelligently made, occasionally macabre and extremely amusing film," as he wrote in the Netzeitung .

The German Film and Media Assessment FBW in Wiesbaden awarded the film the rating particularly valuable.


  • The production of the film cost about 19 million US dollars . The premiere in the USA took place on April 21, 2006.
  • The naming was based on ambiguity. Sally's last name Kendoo is pronounced like can do ( can do it), which she is told several times in the film. Furthermore, the President will be “Mr. P. "called, which is pronounced like pee (pee).

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