Cougar Town

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Television series
German title Cougar Town
Original title Cougar Town
Cougar Town 2009 logo.svg
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 2009-2015
ABC Studios
length 22 minutes
Episodes 102 in 6 seasons ( list )
genre Family series , sitcom
idea Bill Lawrence
Kevin Biegel
production Bill Lawrence
Courteney Cox
David Arquette
music Will Golden
Al Sgro
First broadcast September 23, 2009 (USA) on ABC
first broadcast
July 19, 2010 on ORF 1

Cougar Town (also known as Cougar Town 40 is the new 20 ) is an American television series that aired on ABC from September 2009 to May 2012 . With the fourth season, the series switched to the cable broadcaster TBS in spring 2013 . The sitcom tells of the ups and downs in the life of a 40-year-old woman and her friends who had recently been divorced.

In May 2014, TBS extended the series for a sixth and final season.


The series takes place in the fictional location of Gulf Haven in Sarasota County . Jules Cobb, who is a real estate agent by profession , is separated from her ex-husband Bobby and takes care of her son Travis, who is almost 18 years old. However, she now realizes that her youth is over, that she has lost it to marriage and child, and decides to make up for it. She finds support in her extrovert, younger work colleague Laurie Keller, who she takes with her to parties and discos. Laurie is a promiscuous mid-twenties who on the one hand loves her lifestyle, on the other hand starts a relationship with the rich and personable Smith Frank, with whom she falls in love against her supposed nature. At first, Jules met younger men several times on excursions with Laurie, but neither relationships nor one-night stands can satisfy her longing for security. Travis is embarrassed by his mother's efforts to be young again.

The second opposite is Jules' neighbor and friend Ellie Torres, who is married to the Cuban businessman Andy Torres, who in turn adores Bobby Cobb deeply. Ellie and Andy became fresh, albeit late, parents at the beginning of the series. Ellie wants to help Jules accept her age. Again, complications and difficulties are inevitable. Jules' negative "role model" when it comes to romances is her neighbor, Grayson Ellis, who, by now almost 40, has romances with younger women. Grayson is rather calm, he later joins the circle of friends. There is a huge crackling between Jules and Grayson, and towards the end of the first season they become a couple, which troubles Bobby, who still loves his ex-wife, but on the other hand only wishes her and his friend Grayson the best.

Cast and dubbing

main characters

role actor Main role
Supporting role
Voice actor
Julia Kiki "Jules" Cobb Courteney Cox 1-6 Andrea Aust
Elisabeth "Ellie" Torres Christa Miller 1-6 Cathlen Gawlich
Laurie Keller Busy Philipps 1-6 Melanie Hinze
Robert "Bobby" Cobb Brian Van Holt 1-5 6th Viktor Neumann
Travis Cobb Dan Byrd 1-6 David Turba
Andy Torres Ian Gomez 1-6 Olaf Reichmann
Grayson Ellis Josh Hopkins 1-6 Johannes Berenz

Minor characters

role actor Season Voice actor
Barbara "Barb" Coman Carolyn Hennesy 1-6 Heike Schroetter
Chick Ken Jenkins 2-6 Friedrich Georg Beckhaus
Smith Frank Ryan Devlin 1-6 Julius Jellinek
Kevin LaMarcus Tinker 1-6 Imtiaz Haque
Tom Gazelian Robert Clendenin 1-6 Hans Hohlbein
Roger Frank Barry Bostwick 1-6 Bodo Wolf
Kirsten Collette Wolfe 2 Maria Koschny
Jeff Scott Foley 1 Till Endemann
Josh Nick Zano 1 Dennis Schmidt-Foss
Kylie Spencer Locke 1-2 Julia Stoepel
Angie LeClaire Sarah Chalke 3 Ranja Bonalana
Riggs Maria Thayer 4th -

Guest appearances

Production & broadcast

The series producer Bill Lawrence and actress Christa Miller (Ellie Torres) are married. They both worked together on Lawrence's previous series Scrubs .

Although the series is set in Florida, it will be produced in Culver City , California .

United States

The series was first broadcast on September 23, 2009 on the US broadcaster ABC . On October 8, 2009, more episodes of Cougar Town were ordered by ABC, the first season comprises a total of 24 episodes. Initially, the series started in the USA with around eleven million viewers. Within 14 episodes, the series had lost almost half and only reached six million viewers. On January 12, 2010, ABC ordered a second season of Cougar Town , which aired on September 22, 2010. Between February 9 and April 6, 2011, Cougar Town paused to make way for the new series Mr. Sunshine . The remaining eight episodes were broadcast in April and May 2011.

On January 10, 2011, ABC extended the series for a third season. The third season originally ordered with 22 episodes was reduced to 15 episodes in November 2011 by ABC. This third season will be broadcast from February 14th to May 29th, 2012. Due to the further falling audience ratings in the third season, the series will switch to the cable channel TBS at the beginning of the fourth season . The fourth season has been broadcast since January 8, 2013. On March 25, 2013, TBS announced the extension by a fifth season, which will consist of 13 episodes. The broadcast took place from January 7th to April 1st, 2014. The sixth and final season of the series started on January 6th, 2015.


The Austrian broadcaster ORF 1 broadcast the first season of the series from July 19 to October 11, 2010. The second season aired in double episodes from June 27 to September 5, 2011. The third season began broadcasting on October 1, 2012.


In Germany, Sat.1 aired the first season of the series from July 25 to December 19, 2010. The last two episodes were not broadcast. The series started with around 2 million viewers. Here, too, the series lost some of its viewers within a short time. Just one week after the broadcast began, the number of viewers was only 1.48 million. Overall, the episodes broadcast in the first season achieved a market share of 9.7 percent in the advertising-relevant target group .

From June 22, 2011, the series ran in double episodes in ProSieben's program . First the two outstanding episodes of the first season were shown, the second season then followed from June 29, 2011. Due to the subdued audience ratings with u. a. under one million viewers on July 6, 2011, ProSieben postponed the series from July 20 to a later slot. Since the reach was still not convincing, ProSieben broadcast three of the last six episodes of the second season on Thursday night on both August 24 and 31 . During the broadcast on ProSieben, an average of 0.64 million viewers, 5.0 percent of the total audience, watched, while the broadcast lost 1.1 percentage points. In the advertising-relevant target group of 14 to 49-year-olds, there were 0.57 million viewers and thus only 9.3 percent, while the pre-program had an average of 11 percent market share.

The third season was shown from March 10, 2013 on the sixx channel .


In Switzerland, 3+ aired the first season of the series from August 21 to October 30, 2010. The first four episodes were shown on the premiere day, after which the series ran in double episodes. The second season was broadcast from July 2, 2011 in double episodes on Saturdays and Sundays.


Cougar is English and translated into German means Puma . Colloquially, however , cougar also means in English: an older woman who has or is looking for a relationship with a much younger man . Since the first part of the first season was also about that, this title was chosen for the production. Even in the run-up to the production of the second season, an adaptation of the title of the television series was considered. At first, however, it was decided against a new title for marketing reasons . Lawrence announced that the title would be changed at the start of the third season in the fall of 2011, but no change was made.

In the first season the trailer only shows: Welcome to Cougar Town . This changed from the sixth episode of the second season, where Bill Lawrence always uses different sentences that mostly make fun of the title of the series, such as in the sixth episode of the second season: Titles Are Hard .

DVD release

In the US, the first season was released on August 17, 2010 on DVD. It was published in Germany on April 15, 2011. Season 2 followed on August 30, 2011 in the USA and was also released in Germany on December 15, 2011. The third season has been released in Great Britain including the German synchronous sound, in Germany no further seasons have been released after the second. On the French release of season 4 by ABC Studios from 2014, the German soundtrack and German subtitles can be found.

Awards and nominations



  • In episode 13 of the first season, the comedy series Scrubs , which was also produced by Bill Lawrence, runs on television.
  • In episode 13 of the second season, Jules asks in a conversation with Barb if she has to change her name first before they would no longer be mistaken for a cougar . This is an allusion to the idea of ​​changing the title of the series.
  • Ted Buckland from Scrubs appears in episodes 21 and 22 of the second season . He mentions his girlfriend Gooch, who left him for Hooch, both of whom also appear on the Scrubs series.
  • Also in episode 21 of the second season, Abed from Community makes an appearance as a listener in the background.
  • Ted Buckland from Scrubs can be seen again in episode 5 of the third season . At the end of the episode, he is reminded of his previous life as Angie looks exactly like Elliot Reid from Scrubs (both played by Sarah Chalke ). In addition to Ellie (in Scrubs: Jordan), Jules' father Chick (in Scrubs, Ted's nightmare boss Bob Kelso) appears and causes a huge shock. Just then, the pool man (The Todd), played by Robert Maschio, and the pizzaman, played by Zach Braff, come in. Both were main characters in Scrubs. In addition, from the 2nd season Bob Clendenin will play the role of Tom. He is also known from Scrubs (Dr. Zeltzer).
  • In episode 14 of Season 4, Chick has to go to the doctor and on the sign are the names of the doctors Dorian, Turk, Reid, Kelso and Cox (main characters in Scrubs ). Also, his doctor is played by Frank Encarnacao, who appears in Scrubs as Dr. Mickhead appears.
  • Several actors from the series Friends have guest roles (first series Courtney Cox ', which also made her famous).

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