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Senior doctor and sister on a rounds

Senior physician is a special term in Germany for a physician within a hierarchy .


A senior physician is a doctor in a leading position, usually in a clinic or in a medical care center . Due to his advanced or already completed further training ( specialist ), he takes on responsibility for a defined area of ​​responsibility within his institution. A senior physician can sometimes be compared to a department head .

A senior physician is responsible for one or more wards or functional units in his institution. Under his technical supervision work interns . The senior physician is available to answer questions from subordinate ward physicians or specialist physicians, is responsible for supervising the activities of the assistant physicians (e.g. as part of regular senior physician visits) and is available for the clinic during night and weekend shifts according to the duty roster ( call or standby service ).

The senior physician of a clinic is called the “senior physician” who is appointed as a permanent representative of the chief physician and who represents him in all of his official duties.

A “senior physician” is a doctor who exercises the function of senior physician without filling a corresponding position . Functional senior physicians are not entitled to a senior physician's salary and are usually paid according to the specialist tariff applicable to the clinical facility.


Who was a senior physician since 1898 rank until then assistant physician first class mentioned members of the medical officers in the German army with the rank of lieutenant .

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