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The assistant doctor or doctor in further training is a doctor who works depending on a specialist . His position is characterized by correspondingly restricted rights and responsibilities.


" Assistant doctor " is an outdated term, which, according to the decision of the 113th German Medical Association in May 2010, should actually no longer be used, since the recommended term " doctor in further training or further training assistant " is the qualification that is achieved with the license to practice medicine was reflected more clearly.

An assistant doctor is a licensed doctor without a managerial function. Resident physicians are usually under the name of physician in further training (AiW) in specialist training. During this time, they are instructed by a specialist, usually a senior physician or the chief physician . They are available to assist the assistant doctor with questions and problems. An assistant doctor also carries out more complex treatments (e.g. operations , cardiac catheter examinations) in the hospital under guidance and supervision . The specialist training as an assistant doctor usually lasts five to six years, depending on the specialty. During the specialist training course, you have to meet a further training catalog that differs from state to state and is determined by the respective medical associations. Resident doctor is also used to refer to a doctor who has already completed his specialist training but is not employed as a senior or chief physician in the hospital.

The assistant doctor reports to the senior physician and the chief physician and does the routine work on the ward in hospital operations. An assistant doctor can be responsible for part of a ward as a ward doctor in the course of his / her further training . He carries out the morning round , takes the blood samples , prescribes the medication for the day, arranges examinations and is the patient's point of contact in the event of problems. Other tasks of an assistant doctor are admission examinations , patient information , documentation of treatment processes and the implementation of medical interventions (operations, anesthesia, etc.): The latter takes place in further training under the supervision of a specialist (specialist judgment).

(Marine) assistant doctor and (marine) senior assistant doctor were also military ranks for medical officers in the German Reich .

The assistant dentist is a licensed dentist who already has the right to practice dentistry independently . However, he needs a two-year preparation period for approval as a contract dentist , i. H. an activity in a dependent position. The preparation must include at least six months as an assistant dentist or representative of one or more contract dentists. A job as a representative can only be recognized if the dentist has previously worked for at least one year as an assistant dentist of a contract dentist or in university dental clinics, dental stations of a hospital or the public health service or the German Armed Forces or in dental clinics. Up to 18 months of the preparation time can be completed in the above-mentioned institutions in an employment position. Only on this basis can the contract dentist work independently in his own practice, in a joint practice or in a professional community. Only then does he become a member of his regionally responsible statutory health insurance association upon application . Employment as an assistant dentist in the sense of a preparatory assistant must be granted by the respective statutory health insurance association at the request of the employing dentist . The employment as an assistant dentist - after completing the preparatory time - in a dependent position at a contract dentist or a medical care center must be applied for by the employing dentist to the admissions committee .

A dentist does not have to prove any preparation time as an assistant dentist if he has a diploma from another Member State of the European Community or another signatory to the Agreement on the European Economic Area and has been approved to practice. This rule applies regardless of the nationality of the dentist. In this case, he can immediately apply for his license as a contract dentist, have himself entered in the dentist register and either work in his own practice or as an employed assistant dentist.


In Austria, an assistant doctor is a non-licensed doctor. Assistant doctor is an official title in place of the official title of university assistant for university assistants in medical, dental or veterinary use on a temporary and provisional basis.

Secondary doctor is the common name for interns at other hospitals.

However, the definition of secondary doctor is not the same across Germany. The most common is that from Lower Austria:

  1. Secondary doctor is a doctor who is authorized to practice independently as a general practitioner ( ius practicandi ), or a regular doctor during his training as a general practitioner.
  2. Assistant is a regular doctor during his training as a specialist.
  3. Senior physician is an assistant after completing his specialist training.
  4. The first senior physician is the representative of the head of department.

In Upper Austria, however, the ius practicandi is a prerequisite for the position of secondary doctor . The Austrian Federal Doctors Act does not recognize the term secondary doctor or that of the assistant doctor .

Salaries in individual states

Resident doctor salaries vary from country to country, with purchasing power and cost of living differing from country to country.


A resident doctor in the first year of work in a university hospital earns a gross monthly salary of 4631 euros, in the sixth year 5944 euros (as of 2019).


In the first year of work, an assistant doctor in Lithuania earns a basic salary of EUR 463.75 gross per month (or EUR 392.67 net) nationally, in the second or third year gross EUR 530 or EUR 438.05 net (as of January 2018). The night work was rewarded in 2017 with 1.28 euros per hour.


A regular doctor in Vorarlberg (doctor in training to become a general practitioner / specialist) earns 3130 euros gross per month without night shifts. If you add the night shifts, he comes to a gross income of 4223 euros. In contrast, in Styria, for example, the starting salary for regular doctors is EUR 2,861 gross (as of April 2015).


According to the Association of Swiss Doctors (FMH), the average wage of an assistant doctor in Switzerland is 8,416 Swiss francs per month, which is currently 7,823 euros.


As of January 2019, an assistant doctor (resident) without night shifts earns a gross EUR 950 (net EUR 676) in the capital Riga, but salaries in the regions are higher - EUR 1,235 gross (EUR 879 net). A resident has the same salary every year of training. The plan is to increase resident doctor salaries by 20% each year through 2021.

Eastern Europe

In Eastern Europe , the Baltic States and the CIS there is a so-called doctor in the internship ('resident', 'intern', 'ordinator'). He acquires such status with a medical college degree. After the “doctor intern” has completed the relevant professional preparation (“residency”, “internatur”, “ordinature”), he is authorized to practice as an independent doctor.

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