Barbara's Baby - Omen III

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German title Barbara's Baby - Omen III
Original title Omen III: The Final Conflict
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1981
length 108 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Graham Baker
script Andrew Birkin
production Harvey Bernhard
music Jerry Goldsmith
camera Phil Meheux
Robert Paynter
cut Alan Strachan

←  Predecessor
Damien - Omen II

Successor  →
Omen IV: The Awakening

Barbara's Baby - Omen III is the second sequel to the horror film The Omen and was produced in 1980. In the role of Damien Thorn the actor Sam Neill can be seen, who hereby played one of his first leading roles. It was released in the US on March 20, 1981.


Damien Thorn, the devil's son, has meanwhile grown up. He is the president of the global Thorn Industries group and the United States' ambassador to Great Britain. His ascent to final rule over the world can only be prevented by two things: On the one hand, the Son of God is to be reborn in England, and on the other hand there are the seven daggers of Megiddo , which can only be used to kill Damien. These were rediscovered during excavation work in Chicago and came into the possession of an order of monks in Italy. Seven monks, who know about Thorn's true identity, are sent to London to kill Damien with the help of the daggers. During a fox hunt and the television talk show by journalist Kate Reynolds, with whom Damien has entered into a relationship and on whose show he is supposed to appear, the monks try to put their plan into practice, but fail. Little by little, Damien kills one monk after the other and at the same time has all the babies who could potentially be the born again son of God murdered by his fanatical followers. The leader of the monks manages to convince Kate Reynolds of Damien's diabolical background, and she ends up stabbing him after her son was also previously killed. The Son of God appears and breaks Damien's power. Damien's last words: “Nazarenes, you have won nothing. Nothing at all."


"Withdrawn in the shock effects, but visibly worn out dramatically, the film only reaches the level of its predecessors in terms of camera work and music."

"Uninspired story with shock effects."


  • The film grossed around US $ 20 million at the box office and was unable to match the success of its predecessors.
  • Ten years after this film, a fourth installment in the series entitled Omen IV: The Awakening was produced for television.

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