Joint work of Protestant journalism

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Joint work of Protestant journalism
legal form Profit company
founding 5th July 1973
founder Robert Geisendörfer
Seat Frankfurt am Main ( coordinates: 50 ° 10 ′ 9.2 ″  N , 8 ° 38 ′ 13 ″  E )
purpose Media service
Chair Volker Jung ( Chairman of the Supervisory Board )
Managing directors Jörg Bollmann (Director)
GEP building in Frankfurt am Main

The joint venture of Evangelische Publizistik gGmbH (GEP) is the nationwide media service company of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD), its member churches, works and institutions as well as for the Protestant free churches . It was founded in 1973 by the Bavarian pastor Robert Geisendörfer . In a resolution passed in 2008, the EKD Synod called the GEP a “competence center”. The GEP covers the areas of print journalism, news agency, online, radio, television, film, journalistic training, media ethics, media education, media policy and public relations .


According to the statutes of the GEP, Protestant journalism is a function of the church and participates in all branches of its work in fulfilling the mission to which the church is committed. The motto of the founding director, the Protestant theologian and publicist Robert Geisendörfer , was: "What Protestant journalism can do: intercede, impart mercy and lend a voice to the speechless."


According to resolutions by the shareholders' meeting , the EKD Council and the church conference , the GEP has had only two shareholders since September 2012, the Evangelical Church in Germany (94%) and the Evangelical Work for Diakonia and Development (6%) (before that there were 31, including all Member churches of the EKD). With the new articles of association adopted in September 2012, a supervisory board was set up to which extensive corporate law powers were assigned. Among other things, the supervisory board should ensure that the GEP continues to be a media service company for the community of member churches. The director of the GEP is Jörg Bollmann , the chairman of the supervisory board is the church president of the Evangelical Church in Hesse and Nassau , Volker Jung .

Areas of responsibility

The work of the GEP in the service of the community of member churches, works and institutions is expressed, among other things, through the work in the board and management of the Evangelical Media Association in Germany (EMVD - the umbrella organization for currently 48 publishers, media houses, bookshops and regional Protestant press associations in Germany) , in the management of the public relations working group (network for press and public relations, public relations and marketing in church and diakonia), in management and board of the epd working group, in the coordination of regional church broadcasting, in the regional networking of Protestant Internet work, in the participation in the Evangelische Verlagsanstalt (EVA) in Leipzig as well as in the membership in the conference for diakonia and development in the evangelical work for diaconia and development.

The main areas of work and products of the company association are the evangelical magazine chrismon , the evangelical press service (epd), the evangelical journalism school , radio work with programs such as “ Wort zum Sonntag ” on ARD , film-cultural work for the EKD's cultural office, the Online portal of the evangelical church “”, the management of the media award of the evangelical church “ Robert Geisendörfer Preis ”, the management for the fasting campaign of the evangelical church during the passion period7 weeks without ” as well as other publishing and media tasks such as editing and production of the JS magazine, the Evangelical magazine for young soldiers, as well as publishing services on behalf of the magazines zeitzeichen , welt-sichten and Diakonie Magazin. As a service provider for advertisers and advertising time marketers, the GEP works with its wholly-owned subsidiary m-public based in Berlin.


The GEP produces the best-known product, the Protestant magazine chrismon , which appears as a free supplement with a circulation of 1.6 million copies per month in selected German daily newspapers and the weekly newspaper " Die Zeit ". Together with the extended subscription edition, which is offered under the title chrismon plus, the magazine family reaches far more than one million readers according to the results of the Allensbacher Markt- und Werbeträgeranalyse (AWA). A shop and the online offer complement the publication, whose task it is to participate in the effort to reinterpret the gospel for the present and to bring Christian faith to bear in all areas of life. The editor-in-chief of chrismon is Ursula Ott.


The central editorial office of the Evangelical Press Service (epd) is the largest division in the GEP. According to the mission statement, the epd provides information as a news agency with its news and information services independently and under its own editorial responsibility about the life and actions of the Protestant churches, their institutions, groups and movements. The agency provides information on ecumenical processes, questions of preaching and the public responsibility of the church. This includes religious, cultural, social and political issues that are of theological and ecclesiastical relevance. The reporting also focuses on the topics of the Conciliar Process for Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation as well as the Third World and Development, Media and Education. The epd was founded in 1910 and is the oldest German news agency, the current market leader in the German agency market is the German Press Agency (dpa). The products of the epd are the basic service, central edition (also for mobile devices), epd picture, epd infographics, epd feature, epd medien (also for mobile devices), epd social, epd documentation, epd weekly mirror and the regional services epd east, epd west, epd Bavaria, epd North, epd Lower Saxony-Bremen, epd West, epd Southwest. Karsten Frerichs is the chief editor of the epd central editorial office.

The GEP also produces the Protestant Church's internet portal with all its sub-pages. The daily updated online offer reports on events in Germany and the world from a Protestant perspective, offers answers to questions about faith and the church and provides production assistance for the work on the community letter on The sub-pages include, for radio work, the Internet presence of the fasting campaign “7 weeks without” and - the joint job exchange for voluntary services from around 70 providers in the EKD environment .

Evangelical content network "yeet"

On February 18, 2020, the GEP launched the evangelical content network “yeet” on several social media platforms. It is intended to bring Protestant people together who, with their videos, podcasts, posts and stories on YouTube, Instagram , Spotify and other providers, address people between 14 and 35 years of age in a target group-oriented manner.

Broadcast work

The team in radio work for the media officer of the EKD Council is responsible for numerous program formats in television and radio. In addition to the programs " Das Wort zum Sonntag " on ARD and church service on ZDF , these include "So Seen" on SAT.1 , " Tacheles " on Phoenix , "Filmtipps" on ProSieben , "Motzmobil" on RTL , the radio reports Deutsche Welle and Deutschlandradio . There are also numerous activities in youth media protection and in the areas of media education and media ethics . The GEP is responsible for the media work of the EKD in the review committees of the Voluntary Self- Regulation of the Film Industry (FSK) and the Voluntary Self-Regulation of Television (FSF).

Protestant journalism school

The Evangelical School of Journalism (EJS) in Berlin has been training journalists since 1995. The training is equivalent to a traineeship. Graduates work for newspapers, magazines, online editorial offices, broadcasters and TV stations. Many of them have received journalism awards. The journalism school follows the tradition of the Christian Press Academy (cpa), founded in 1950, the oldest independent journalistic training institution in Germany. Each year, 16 volunteers complete a 22-month training course in print, online, radio and TV journalism in Berlin.

epd film

epd Film is a German film magazine that has been published monthly since 1984 and is produced by the GEP. It is the successor magazine to the "Evangelical Film Observer", which has been published annually since 1948. Along with film-dienst, it is one of the two leading religious magazines for film criticism in Germany.

JS magazine

The JS-Magazin is the Evangelical Church's magazine for young soldiers and is aimed at volunteers doing military service and temporary soldiers in the Bundeswehr . The magazine appears monthly and in 2011 was awarded the Kress Award 2011 for the best corporate media product of the year, presented by the communications industry service provider kressreport . The jury attested to the magazine: “With this magazine the church has the chance to score points with the younger generation. It cultivates an open approach to life and death, is innovative in its choice of words and never cramped. Above all, it succeeds in bringing the issues of the military and faith together without it ever being embarrassing. "

"7 weeks without" campaign

“7 Weeks Without”, the nationwide fasting campaign of the Protestant Church, takes place every year during the Passion . It always begins on Ash Wednesday and always ends on Easter Sunday . In Germany, the fasting campaign, with more than 2 million participants annually, is the best-known church campaign after Bread for the World . The tasks of the GEP include the creation of the annual motto, production and sale of the fasting calendar and other accompanying materials, the implementation of press and public relations work as well as the support of the online presence.

Film culture center

In the film culture center, information and skills for the dialogue between church and cinema are made available in coordination with the EKD culture office . One of the main tasks is to represent the EKD in the Filmförderungsanstalt (FFA) with a seat and vote. Further tasks of the Film Culture Center in the GEP are the consultation and coordination of Protestant film work as well as the critical observation, reflection and evaluation of the film and cinema offerings in Germany. For this purpose, the “ Jury of Evangelical Film Work ” has been designating a “Film of the Month” every month since November 1951, which, thanks to its outstanding quality, is ideal for discussion. This rating is intended to draw the attention of program designers, cinema owners and media managers - and ultimately the audience - to these films. "Films of the month" are among others. a. presented in the cinema magazine epd Film and on its own website.

Robert Geisendörfer Prize

The Robert Geisendörfer Prize has been awarded annually since 1983 for outstanding journalistic achievements by German radio and television broadcasters. The media award of the Evangelical Church is intended to honor programs that strengthen personal and social responsibility, that contribute to mutual respect for the sexes and good cooperation between individuals, groups and peoples, that deepen the Christian orientation and that contribute to overcoming violence Afford. The management is in the GEP, the chairman of the jury is the GEP supervisory board chairman, Church President Volker Jung . With the award, the Protestant Church commemorates Robert Geisendörfer (1910 to 1976), who is regarded as the mentor of church journalism in post-war Germany. Robert Geisendörfer was, among other things, the founding director of the GEP and for many years the television representative of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD). He was instrumental in developing and implementing an overall concept in terms of content and organization for the presence of the Evangelical Church on radio and television.

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