Apprentice role

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The chambers of crafts or the chambers of industry and commerce (IHK) must have an apprenticeship role in which the existing vocational training contracts are entered. The apprentice role is also referred to as "The Directory of Vocational Training Relationships".

The trainer must report every new training contract to the responsible body, the respective chambers . Section 30 of the Crafts Code states:

(1) The trainee must apply for entry in the apprenticeship role immediately after conclusion of the vocational training contract. A copy of the contract is to be attached. The same applies to changes to the essential content of the contract.
(2) The trainer must report
1. previous general and vocational training for the apprentice (trainee),
2. the appointment of trainers.

It is the task of the apprentice role to check the legal provisions. The legal basis is the Vocational Training Act § 34 to § 36 and the Crafts Code § 28 to § 30 or the IHK law.

It is checked whether the training period is being adhered to, the job title is correct and whether there are inadmissible agreements in the training contract.