Dahuk (governorate)

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دهوك / دھۆک
Dahūk / Dihok
Ninawa Dahuk (Gouvernement) Erbil (Gouvernement) As-Sulaimaniyya (Gouvernement) Kirkuk (Gouvernement) Diyala Salah ad-Din (Gouvernement) Al-Anbar Bagdad (Gouvernement) Babil Kerbela (Gouvernement) Al-Wasit (Gouvernement) Nadschaf (Gouvernement) Al-Qadisiyya (Gouvernement) Maisan (Gouvernement) Dhi Qar Al-Muthanna (Gouvernement) Basra (Gouvernement) Kuwait Jordanien Türkei Syrien Saudi-Arabien IranDuhok in Iraq.svg
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Basic data
Country Iraq
Capital Duhok
surface 10,956 km²
Residents 1,511,585 (2017)
density 138 inhabitants per km²
ISO 3166-2 IQ-DA
Website www.duhokgov.org (Kurdish / Arabic)
Head of government Farhad Amin Atruschi
Districts of the governorate
Districts of the governorate

Coordinates: 37 ° 0 '  N , 43 ° 0'  E

Dahuk ( Arabic دهوك, DMG Dahūk , Kurdish دھۆک Dihok ) is a governorate of the Kurdistan Autonomous Region in Iraq . The capital is Dohuk . The governorate was part of the Mosul governorate ( Ninawa ) from the founding of Iraq until 1966 .

During the second Gulf War in 1991, the city was occupied by the Iraqi army, which forced most Kurds to flee temporarily to the Turkish border. Today the governorate is almost completely rebuilt. The currently only open border crossing to Turkey is also in this governorate, so that there is brisk border traffic here. Dahuk used to belong to the Kurdish Principality of Badinan from around 1236 to 1842 . The Kurds speak the Kurmanji dialect.

In 2017 the population of the governorate was 1,511,585. Due to the Syrian civil war since 2011 and the Iraq crisis in 2014 , the population of the governorate rose sharply due to refugees.

The governorate consists of the districts:

On October 15, 2005, 99.13% of the 389,198 voters voted for the new constitution.

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