Halabja (governorate)

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Halabja / حلبجة
Helebce / هه‌ڵه‌بجه
Basic data
Country Iraq
Capital Halabja
surface 888.9 km²
Residents 108,619 (calculation 2017)
density 122 inhabitants per km²
ISO 3166-2 IQ

Coordinates: 35 ° 12 '  N , 46 ° 0'  E

The Halabja Governorate within the Kurdistan Autonomous Region

Halabja ( Arabic محافظة حلبجة, DMG Muḥāfaẓat Ḥalabǧa ; Kurdish پارێزگای ھەڵەبجە Parêzgay Helebce ) is a governorate of the Kurdistan Autonomous Region in Iraq that has existed since 2014 and is located on the Iranian border. The capital is Halabja . The governorate has a population of approximately 108,619. The majority of the population consists of Kurds . They speak the Sorani dialect.


The governorate was established and recognized in 2014 as the fourth province of the Kurdistan Autonomous Region . It covers an area that previously formed the small easternmost part of as-Sulaimaniya governorate .

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