an-Najaf (governorate)

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Basic data
Country Iraq
Capital Najaf
surface 28,824 km²
Residents 1,200,600 (as of 2008)
density 42 inhabitants per km²
ISO 3166-2 IQ-NA

Coordinates: 31 ° 0 '  N , 44 ° 0'  E

An-Najaf or al-Najaf ( Arabic النجف, DMG an-Naǧaf ) is a governorate in southern Iraq . The capital is the city of the same name, Najaf . An-Najaf borders on al-Anbar , al-Muthanna , Kerbela , Babil and al-Qadisiya as well as on Saudi Arabia .


The population of the governorate is about 1,200,600 (as of 2008), of which about 70% live in the capital Najaf.


In an-Najaf, the city is Kufa (founded 638), which was once a major cultural center and capital of the Abbasid - Caliphate was.


The districts are:

  • Kufa
  • al-Manathira
  • Najaf
  • al-Mishchab

On October 15, 2005, of 299,420 voters, 95.82% voted yes for the new constitution.