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A professional body body ( chamber ) is a public corporation , in turn, mostly in Germany state law is organized and functions of the professional self-government is responsible.


The term professional corporation is unusual. In contrast, the terms corporation , chamber or association are common . They are to be distinguished from coalitions under private law such as employers' associations and unions .

Professional corporations under public law

These chambers are also called professional representation or professional code. Your area of ​​responsibility is the respective chamber district .

In addition to fulfilling the governmental tasks assigned to them, they act as a representation of the interests of their members. They also have the power of the statutes , which is restricted in terms of personnel to their members and factually to their area of ​​responsibility. The state has the supervision ( state supervision ) over the chamber. In the vast majority of cases, there is a legal obligation to become a member, provided one belongs to the relevant professional group.

Examples of chambers are:

Services: Chambers issue professional permits and can withdraw them in the event of misconduct ( professional ban ) and issue penalties. They influence training and examination guidelines. In addition, they define entry requirements for certain positions (e.g. type of further training for specialization). Chambers can draw up a fee schedule.

Professional corporations under private law

Professional corporations organized under private law

Liberal professions other than those listed above usually have registered associations to protect their interests.

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