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The Animal Medical Associations (Taek) or national veterinary medical associations (LTK) are occupational public bodies . They organize the concerns of vets in the independent (established) profession and their training issues . They take responsibility for the tasks assigned to them on the basis of state law, the health professions chamber laws. The responsible state ministry in each case exercises legal supervision (but not technical supervision ).

In Germany each federal state has its own veterinary chamber. The only exception to this is North Rhine-Westphalia: Here the chamber consists of the TÄK Westfalen-Lippe and TÄK Nordrhein. Every veterinarian working in curative practice is a compulsory member of the regional chamber responsible for his area of ​​activity.

In Germany, the first veterinary chamber was constituted in Baden in 1907, on the basis of a law "regarding the legal relationships of medical personnel".


The main tasks of the veterinary associations are:

Members or delegates of veterinary associations participate in other state and social bodies, such as B. in state health councils, animal welfare councils u. Ä.


The board of a veterinary association consists of the president, the vice-president and a managing director. Special tasks are handled in the committees (e.g. specialist veterinary committee, finance committee, vocational training committee).

German Federal Veterinary Association

A "Working Group of the West German Veterinary Chambers" was founded in May 1947. This was newly constituted in 1994 as the Federal Veterinary Association (BTK) and today, after a further change in its statutes in 2003, functions as a registered association . She publishes a monthly news magazine, the Deutsche Tierärzteblatt .

Austrian Veterinary Association

In Austria, the Austrian Chamber of Veterinarians exists to represent and promote the economic interests and the professional interests of veterinarians , a corporation under public law with its seat in Vienna . Their area of ​​activity extends to the entire federal territory. Each federal state has a branch office of the chamber.

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