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Bar Association - BRAK -

Federal Bar Association logo.svg
position Professional body of the German legal profession
legal form Public corporation
Supervisory authority federal Ministry of Justice
Headquarters Berlin
Authority management Ulrich Wessels, President
Web presence www.brak.de

The Federal Bar Association (BRAK) is the umbrella organization of the 27 regional bar associations ( professional body ) and the Bar Association at the Federal Court of Justice (BGH). Members are therefore only the named chambers and not the individual lawyers . The Federal Bar Association is a corporation under public law established in accordance with §§ 175 ff. Of the Federal Lawyers' Act (BRAO) . It is based in Berlin . The Federal Ministry of Justice is responsible for legal supervision .

The Federal Bar Association represents the professional interests of 163,772 lawyers and around 1,000 other members at the federal level (as of January 1, 2016).

With the amendment to the BRAO, the Federal Bar Association was obliged to set up a special electronic attorney mailbox for every lawyer admitted in Germany for the duration of his admission .



The constitutional assembly has the function of a parliament of the German legal profession and has the task of issuing and updating the professional code for lawyers as a constitution. The resolutions of the constitutional assembly are forwarded to the Federal Ministry of Justice. This examines the adopted statutes and can repeal these or parts of the statutes. If this does not happen, the adopted statute comes into force three months after it has been sent to the Federal Ministry of Justice.

Ulrich Wessels has been President of the Federal Bar Association since September 2018 .

The previous presidents were:

Cartoon award

The Federal Bar Association has been awarding the cartoon prize to the German legal profession since 1998 . The caricaturist duo Greser & Lenz was awarded the 10th Caricature Prize by the German Bar in November 2016 .

Arbitration Board

Since 2011, the Chamber has maintained the legal dispute resolution body for disputes between lawyers and their clients. Renate Jaeger initially headed this position. She was previously a judge at the European Court of Human Rights. Since September 2015, the former President of the Berlin Court of Appeal, Monika Nöhre , has taken on the office of arbitrator. The managing director of the arbitration board is attorney Sylvia Ruge.


BRAK communications

The BRAK-Mitteilungen (abbreviation: BRAK-Mitt.) Are the official publication organ of the Federal Bar Association. The bimonthly legal journal provides information on current issues relevant to lawyers. Special emphasis is placed on the work of the Federal Bar Association , attorney law , attorney liability, attorney compensation , attorney market and the professional law of attorneys. Under www.brak-mitteilungen.de some online research is possible in the editions from the year 1996th

BRAK magazine

BRAK-Magazin is the regular supplement to the BRAK-Mitteilungen , which presents practical legal issues and new developments in an entertaining way and reports on the work of the BRAK.


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