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German Lawyers Association
Logo of the German Lawyers' Association
purpose Preservation, maintenance and promotion of all professional and economic interests of the legal profession and the legal notary's office
Chair: Edith Kindermann
Establishment date: 1871
Number of members: approx. 63,000 (as of 2020)
Number of employees: 72 (as of 2020)
Seat : Berlin

The German Lawyers Association (DAV) eV, spelling DeutscherAnwaltVerein , was founded in Bamberg in 1871 to represent the interests of German lawyers and is now based in Berlin .

The association is an association of lawyers on the basis of freedom of association , whereby membership in the relevant bar association is a prerequisite. 243 domestic and 14 foreign law associations are organized in the DAV.

Initially, the seat was in Berlin for ten years and until 1932 the German Lawyers' Association was based at the seat of the Reich Court in Leipzig , partly because of disapproval of the move to Berlin in 1932, the incumbent President Martin Drucker resigned from 1924 . Successor was Rudolf Dix . Last president in the era of National Socialism was Hermann Voss before the club in 1934 by Walter Räke dissolved and on the orders of Hans Frank gleichgeschaltet was. After the end of the Second World War , the DAV was re-established on the initiative of the Hamburg lawyer and first post-war president Emil von Sauer , based in Hamburg until 1977. Since this re-establishment, the individual lawyers are no longer members of the DAV, but rather the local lawyers' associations are organized in regional associations. In the meantime, the DAV had its headquarters in Bonn and has been back in Berlin since 2000. Sylvia Ruge has been the general manager since April 2020 .


According to its statutes, the purpose of the association is to safeguard and promote all professional and economic interests of the legal profession and the legal notary's office. The professional association has also taken up the cause of maintaining public spirit and scientific spirit. The legislative and technical committees work intensively on legislation and provide regular opinions. The committees are staffed on a voluntary basis with personalities from the legal profession. The legislative committees prepare opinions on important draft laws, the specialist committees provide support for the board of directors and management on internal association issues.

DAV committees exist for the following areas: Legal professional ethics, legal notarial services , labor law , training and further education , out-of-court dispute resolution, immigration and asylum law , banking and capital market law, professional law , UIA , DAV press award, German CCBE delegation, electronic legal transactions, inheritance law , European contract law, family law , emergency law , Intellectual property, gender , commercial law , information law , bankruptcy law , medical law , human rights , tenancy and housing law , private construction and architectural law, legal services law , Reno , RVG and court costs , social law , tax law , criminal law , environmental law , Constitutional law , Public procurement law , traffic law , insurance law , administrative law , civil law , civil procedure law .

In addition to these tasks, the DAV is dedicated to the advanced training of lawyers through the German Lawyers Academy. In order to make the quality of legal services visible and to further promote the training commitment of the legal profession, the DAV created the DAV training certificate in 2006, which is issued to those members who receive regular training.

Maria Otto Prize

Since 2010, the association has been awarding the Maria Otto Award annually to female members who have distinguished themselves in their profession, justice, politics and society, but also to people or organizations who have made a special contribution to the interests of lawyers. Prize , named after the first German lawyer Maria Otto .

Working groups

The 30 working groups offer lawyers an exchange of ideas and experiences and specialized training in their respective fields. Members of a working group of the DAV are all members of a local bar association who are interested in the goals and content of the individual working groups. The working groups are sub-associations within the German Bar Association. The working groups are headed by an executive committee that is elected from among the members.

The working groups include the right areas of the regulated after Fachanwaltsordnung Trade Law Societies and some specialized and cross-sectional areas is not mentioned in such as General Attorney, mediation , law notary, law firm management, international business transactions and in-house counsel . The DAV's largest working group is the Family Law Working Group. The next largest working groups are the DAV's Traffic Law Working Group and the Labor Law Working Group in the German Lawyers' Association .

The following working groups exist (in alphabetical order):

  • Agricultural law
  • General Attorney
  • Lawyers
  • Legal notary
  • Employment Law
  • Immigration and asylum law
  • Banking and capital market law
  • Construction and real estate law
  • Inheritance law
  • Family law
  • FORUM Young Lawyers
  • Intellectual property and media
  • Commercial and corporate law
  • IT law (davit)
  • Bankruptcy law and restructuring
  • International business law
  • Law firm management
  • Mediation
  • Medical law
  • Tenancy Law and Real Estate
  • Social law
  • Sports law
  • Tax law
  • Criminal law
  • In-house lawyers
  • Transport and forwarding law
  • Procurement law
  • Traffic law
  • Insurance law
  • Administrative law

German Lawyers' Day

The most important event of the DAV is the German Lawyers' Day, which takes place annually in a different federal state.

No. date place motto
65 26.-28. June 2014 Stuttgart Shaping freedom
66 11-13 June 2015 Hamburg Changing culture of debate - less law?
67 1st - 3rd June 2016 Berlin If criminal law should fix everything - ultima ratio or actionism?
68 24.-26. June 2017 eat Innovations & Legal Tech
69 6-8 June 2018 Mannheim Error culture in the administration of justice
70 15-17 May 2019 Leipzig Live the rule of law




After the war, the re-emergence of the association went back to the efforts of its first post-war president Emil von Sauer . Von Sauer initially founded the Hamburg Lawyers' Association and the DAV-Nord-West and in 1948 brought about the merger of all lawyers' associations and associations to form today's German Lawyers' Association. Other presidents of the DAV since it was founded have been:

Other personalities


Lawyer gazette

The Lawyers 'Journal is the magazine of the German Lawyers' Association. The monthly legal journal provides information on current developments in all areas of law. Focuses on the Legal Profession , a lawyer liability, remuneration of lawyers , attorney market and the professional law for lawyers . With over 70,000 copies, the lawyers' journal is the second most widely circulated legal specialist journal in the German-speaking area, ahead of the Neue Juristische Wochenschrift and after the BRAK-Mitteilungen . Edith Kindermann , Herbert Schons and Heinz Josef Willemsen are the editors .

Cat King

Der Katzenkönig is a legal magazine of the German Bar Association , first published in June 2020, aimed at students and trainee lawyers . It provides information on all aspects of legal studies and the legal profession and deals with current topics, news and interviews about the legal profession . It should be published every six months for the summer and winter semester. The magazine is distributed free of charge to interested parties via university libraries, specialist bookshops and courts. The previous lawyer magazine Karriere , which appeared since May 2007, has been discontinued. It had a circulation of 25,000 copies.

German lawyer information

Since 1999, the DAV has been operating the German Lawyers' Information Service , an online portal on which not only addresses of lawyers but also brief reports on court judgments, background reports, reports, comments and interviews are offered.


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