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Interstate 10
Basic data
Length: 2460 mi / 3960 km
States: California
New Mexico
Route of Interstate 10

The Interstate 10 (abbreviated I-10 ) is the southernmost interstate highway from east to west, the east and west coasts of the United States together. Over a length of 3960 km (2460 mi) it leads through eight states of the USA from the Pacific to the Atlantic . The interstate begins on California State Route 1 in Santa Monica , California and ends on Interstate 95 in Jacksonville , Florida .


miles km Country
242 390 California
392 631 Arizona
164 264 New Mexico
881 1418 Texas
274 441 Louisiana
77 124 Mississippi
66 106 Alabama
362 583 Florida
2460 3959 Total


The segment between Sanderson and Jacksonville , Florida, was the first part of Interstate 10 to open in 1961. The last section to be completed in Florida ran from Kynesville to Oakdale south of Marianna .

In Texas, nine sections of Interstate 10 have been built since 1959. One focus of the construction work was closing the gap between San Antonio and Houston , which took place in 1962. The peak of the construction work was from 1970 to 1980. The first section in Texas was the I-10 between El Paso and Van Horn and the last section was the bypass of Fort Stockton.

The last stretch of Interstate 10 to be completed was the Papago Freeway in downtown Phoenix , which opened to traffic on August 10, 1990. This section includes the Deck Park Tunnel, which is symbolically the last section of the I-10.

By Hurricane Katrina was in 2005 twin-span bridge destroyed between New Orleans and Slidell, the eastern Lake Pontchartrain spanned. But unlike the Escambia Bay Bridge near Pensacola in Florida, which was damaged by Hurricane Ivan in September 2004, Interstate 12 and the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway can still be used as alternative routes in Louisiana . The bridge was repaired and used for normal traffic until July 2010. Construction of a new bridge began in mid-2006 and opened to traffic in April 2010 with restrictions. The construction work and the demolition of the old bridge should be completed by mid-2012.


Information sign near Santa Monica


Between the west end in Santa Monica and East Los Angeles , the interstate is known as the Santa Monica Freeway . This is also known as Rosa Parks Freeway between the intersection with Interstate 405 and the intersection with Interstate 110 . In Los Angeles , I-10 meets Interstate 5 , which runs from the Mexican border near San Diego to the Canadian border near Blaine . Shortly before San Bernardino, Interstate 10 crosses Interstate 15 , which starts at San Diego and ends at Sweetgrass on the Canadian border . In the urban area of Fontana , I-10 passes the town of Riverside in the south . The 92 km section between Los Angeles and San Bernardino is called the San Bernardino Freeway . There are signs at the west end of the interstate that say Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Highway or Veterans Memorial Highway .

A section in Palm Springs is called the Sonny Bono Memorial Freeway after entertainer Sonny Bono . Another stretch to the east of Indio is known as the Doctor June McCarroll Memorial Freeway . On the route east of Indio, the road passes Joshua Tree National Park in the north . She meets Blythe in the last town before the Arizona border on US Highway 95 , which now uses the route for a few kilometers.


In Arizona, I-10 separates from US 95 in the town of Quartzsite . The interstate is known as the Pearl Harbor Memorial Highway and around Phoenix also known as the Papago Freeway . This name begins at I-17 , which leads to Flagstaff , 235 km away , and ends at AZ 101 . From I-17 to AZ 202 , Interstate 10 is marked as the Maricopa Freeway .

In Tucson , I-10 from the western outskirts to the eastern intersection with the Business Loop 10 is called Casa Grande Highway . Interstate 19 begins between miles 259 and 260 and ends after 100 km at the Mexican border at Nogales . On I-19, the distance is shown in kilometers instead of the usual miles.

New Mexico

Interstate 10 follows the former US Highway 80 in New Mexico . There are only three larger towns along the road, Lordsburg , Deming and Las Cruces . US Highway 70 follows the same route as I-10 between Lordsburg and Las Cruces . Some exits along the route between Lordsburg and Deming still lead to former cities.

From Deming to El Paso in Texas, US Highway 180 also follows I-10. About a mile north of the junction with I-10 and US 180 begins New Mexico State Route 26 , which serves as a shortcut to Santa Fe , the capital of New Mexico.

At Las Cruces, Interstate 10 meets the southern end of Interstate 25 . The US 70 leaves I-10 and heads northeast to Alamogordo . Interstate 10 meets the Texas border in the south.


I-10 and I-45 near Houston

Texas has the highest speed limit on interstates in the United States. The maximum speed between El Paso and Kerr counties is 80 mph (129 km / h).

Katy Freeway

From the border with New Mexico to Texas State Highway 20 , the secondary roads are called Desert South and Desert North according to the direction of travel . After nine miles, Interstate 10 east of downtown El Paso to Clint will again be accompanied by secondary roads known as Gateway East and Gateway West .

US Highway 90 and Texas State Highway 54 branch off in the village of Van Horn . Interstate 20 begins about 10 miles east of Kent and ends after 2500 km at Florence in the state of South Carolina .

A small section of I-10 from Ring 1604 to downtown San Antonio is known as the Northwest Expressway or the McDermott Freeway . This is where Interstate 10 meets Interstate 35 , which runs from the Mexican border to Minnesota , and Interstate 37 . The I-37 begins in Corpus Christi on the Gulf of Mexico .

In Houston , I-10 toward Katy (a suburb west of downtown) is known as the Katy Freeway . This section of I-10 is currently being expanded to 26 lanes, which will make it one of the widest highways in the world. The Interstate crosses Interstate 45 in Houston , which ends in Dallas , 450 km away . East of downtown, Interstate 10 is called the East Freeway , although the name Baytown East Freeway is also known regionally.

In Beaumont , I-10 is referred to as the Eastex Freeway along the route that US Highway 69 runs on the same road.


I-10, Bonnet Carre

In Louisiana Interstate 10 at meets Lake Charles to Interstate 210 and leads on the same lake along. Interstate 49 branches off in Lafayette and ends in Shreveport . I-10 runs between Lafayette and Baton Rouge on the Atchafalaya Swamp Freeway , an 18 mi (29 km) long elevated road that runs through the marshland of the Atchafalaya Basin and also crosses the Atchafalaya River .

Interstate 55 begins just before New Orleans and ends in Chicago . In New Orleans, I-10 and I-610 share near the Jefferson city ​​limits . Interstate 10 is called the Pontchartrain Expressway until it intersects with US Highway 90 . The railway line, which runs beneath Interstate 10 near the junction of I-10 and I-610, is one of the lowest points in New Orleans and is therefore prone to flooding. With the Twin Bridge chip Interstate crosses the Lake Pontchartrain before in the northeast of Slidell on Interstate 12 meets. The stretch between Slidell and the Mississippi border is known as the Stephen Ambrose Memorial Highway .

Most of the traffic between Baton Rouge and Slidell uses Interstate 12 as a bypass around New Orleans and as the longer I-10. I-59 , which ends at Chattanooga in the state of Tennessee , also begins at the cross with I-12 .


Interstate 10 runs in Mississippi from the Louisiana border to the Alabama border, passing through counties of Hancock , Harrison and Jackson on the Gulf Coast. It runs through the northern metropolitan areas of Bay St. Louis , Gulfport , Biloxi and Pascagoula . Interstate 110 branches off in Biloxi and ends after about seven kilometers on the Gulf Coast. US Highway 90 runs parallel to I-10.


Curve in front of the west portal of the George Wallace Tunnel

The first and only major city on Interstate 10 in Alabama is Mobile , where Interstate 65 begins on I-10. In Mobile, Interstate 10 crosses under the Mobile River through the George Wallace Tunnel . In front of the western tunnel portal there is a speed limit of 40 mph (64 km / h) on the southern carriageway due to a tight curve. For the next eight miles after the tunnel, I-10 crosses Mobile Bay on a bridge . On the other side of the bay, the interstate runs through Baldwin County until the Perdido River forms the border with Florida.


Much of Interstate 10 runs through poorly populated and wooded areas. East of Interstate 295 in Jacksonville , I-10 has only four lanes of traffic to its end. At Pensacola , a three-mile section will be extended to six lanes by the end of 2008. Since October, the I-10 near Tallahassee has also been expanded to six lanes.

Near Lake City, Interstate 10 crosses Interstate 75 , which runs from Miami to the Canadian border. In Jacksonville, just like Arizona, I-10 is known as the Pearl Harbor Memorial Highway and it meets I-10 with I-95 , which is the most important interstate on the east coast.

In Florida, Interstate 10 is also known as Florida State Road 8 , but is only signposted as I-10.

Feeders and bypasses

The Interstates 310 and 510 should be part of the formerly planned Interstate 410 , a bypass should be south of New Orleans be. The Interstate 610 is an abbreviation of I-10 in central New Orleans. The Interstate 610 in the state of Texas is used in Houston as well as the Interstate 410 in San Antonio as a bypass around the inner cities.


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