Blood Diamond

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German title Blood Diamond
Original title Blood Diamond
Country of production United States , Germany
original language English , Afrikaans
Publishing year 2006
length 143 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
JMK 14
Director Edward Zwick
script Charles Leavitt
production Gillian Gorfil ,
Marshall Herskovitz ,
Graham King ,
Paula Weinstein ,
Edward Zwick
music James Newton Howard
camera Eduardo Serra
cut Steven Rosenblum

Blood Diamond (English: Blood Diamond ) is an adventure - thriller from director Edward Zwick in 2006 with Leonardo DiCaprio and Djimon Hounsou in the lead roles. He addresses the trade in blood diamonds .


The action takes place against the backdrop of the civil war in Sierra Leone . At the beginning you can see the fisherman Solomon Vandy with his son Dia through a village in Sierra Leone go. The rebels of the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) attacked it in broad daylight and murder and maim numerous villagers, women and children are not spared. Vandy's wife and daughter are able to flee; his son is later captured by the rebels and used as a child soldier . Vandy is kidnapped and forced to work in a RUF-controlled diamond mine near Kono . He finds a very large diamond weighing about 100 carats and buries it on the edge of the mine just before government forces recapture the mine from the RUF and arrest all surviving militiamen and workers including Vandy.

The Bataljon-32 soldier of the former Army of South Africa ( SADF ), Danny Archer, who comes from Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe ) , lives from smuggling diamonds from Sierra Leone to Liberia , working for his former superior Colonel Coetzee and his mercenary company . Archer is arrested on the border with Liberia. In prison he learns about the large diamond. He promises Vandy that for a share of the diamond he will enable his family to reunite. In the general chaos after the capital Freetown was taken by RUF troops, they both managed to flee.

Together with the American journalist Maddy Bowen, who researches the blood diamond trade, they can track down Vandy's wife and daughters in a Guinean refugee camp. Vandy learns that his son was abducted by the rebels. Archer shares details of the blood diamond trade with Bowen in exchange for her help. Archer and Vandy eventually find the mine defended by the rebel forces. Vandy's son is among the soldiers. Archer arranges an air raid on the mine by Coetzee's mercenary force. He then kills the Colonel and three of his soldiers who demand that he hand over the diamond, as they would both kill them after the diamond was found. Archer himself is shot in this battle.

Solomon Vandy and Danny Archer find the diamond and free Vandy's son, who has been brainwashed so much that he turns his gun on his own father. Solomon reminds his son of his origins and that his mother and sisters are waiting for him, so he puts down the gun. While fleeing from the mercenaries, Archer is first carried by Vandy to the waiting plane that Vandy had actually ordered for himself. Due to the severe pain from his gunshot wound, Archer sees no chance for himself to reach the plane alive. So he gives Solomon the blood diamond back, sends Solomon and his son to the plane and is left alone. Shortly before the approaching mercenaries finally reach him, he calls the journalist Maddy Bowen on the satellite phone, who is supposed to help Solomon and his son.

Solomon and his son manage to escape by plane. He sells the diamond in London for £ 2 million and promises that his family will also be brought to London. The trade later takes place at a London airport. He hands over the diamond, receives a suitcase of money in return, and sees his family disembark from a plane that has just landed. Journalist Bowen had secretly photographed the deal and then published a major reveal story.

With the support of Bowen, Solomon finally becomes an anti-blood diamond trade activist and, as a witness to the events, gives a speech to international delegates to the Kimberley negotiations in South Africa in May 2000.

Themes in the film

The film takes up various topics, including the diamond trade, the international arms trade, networking between government troops, rebel troops and private mercenary companies, corruption, the use of child soldiers, the civil war in Sierra Leone and the traumatization of the local population.

Film music

The soundtrack comes mainly from James Newton Howard and Maya Beiser .

  1. Blood diamond titles
  2. Crossing the bridge
  3. Village attack
  4. Ruf kidnaps dia
  5. Archer & Solomon hike
  6. Maddy & Archer
  7. Solomon finds family
  8. Fall of freetown
  9. Did you bury it?
  10. Archer sells diamond
  11. Goodbyes
  12. Your son is gone
  13. Diamond mine bombed
  14. Solomon's helping hand
  15. G8 conference
  16. Solomon & Archer escape
  17. I can carry you
  18. Your mother loves you
  19. Thought I'd never call?
  20. London
  21. Solomon vandy
  22. Ankala
  23. Baai
  24. When dawgs come out to play


  • James Berardinelli wrote on ReelViews that the film was a sacrifice of its length. He called the elements of an adventure film lukewarm. Danny Archer's complex character is well developed; Leonardo DiCaprio's portrayal is solid. Djimon Hounsou appears volcanic in his role. Jennifer Connelly make the most of her clichéd role. Despite its length, the film is recommendable.
  • "Fascinating, terrifying - and definitely worth seeing." ( 3sat Kulturzeit )
  • “Big, lavish, sometimes melodramatic action cinema [...]. More than 'just' an adventure film with all the ingredients of a successful action film […] Predicate particularly valuable ”( Filmbewertungsstelle Wiesbaden).
  • For Barbara Lehmann (in “ Die Zeit ” No. 5 from January 25, 2007) the film is a “brilliant balancing act between enlightenment and entertainment”.
  • “If the cinema wants to raise political and historical awareness, which form is appropriate for it? [...] "Blood Diamond" brings together commercial entertainment , morals and the suffering of the oppressed "(Julian Hanich, Der Tagesspiegel ).
  • “Zwick's film [...] doesn't get beyond a clichéd ' misery aesthetic ' and dubious moments of action. “( Epd Film ) -“ The Africans are either too weak (Kipling's' White Man's Burden ') or too angry (during the raids, hip-hop booms out of the rebels' boomboxes) to help themselves. The clichés are now so solid that they have produced new ones. […] Much more counterproductive, however, is that he tries to outdo the horror of oppression and exploitation with stronger images of violence. [...] 'Blood Diamond' is like a traffic accident: You are shocked by the extent of the catastrophe and yet we cannot avert our gaze. "(Andreas Busche, epd film)


The film was nominated five times for an Oscar in 2007 : Leonardo DiCaprio for Best Actor , Djimon Hounsou for Best Supporting Actor , Steven Rosenblum for Best Editing , Lon Bender for Best Sound Editing and Andy Nelson, Anna Behlmer and Ivan Sharrock for Best Sound .

Leonardo DiCaprio was nominated for the Golden Globe Award ; he was also nominated for the Satellite Award in 2006 and the Screen Actors Guild Award in 2007. Djimon Hounsou won the National Board of Review Award in 2006 and was nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Award in 2007.


The film was u. a. Filmed in South Africa and Mozambique . By April 1, 2007, it grossed approximately $ 57.3 million in US cinemas .

In an interview with Focus , DiCaprio reported: “The shooting was both the most impressive and difficult at the same time. It broadened my perspective on the problems of Africa and made me aware of how ridiculous the everyday problems in the rich industrial nations are.” In the following years DiCaprio sat down strongly against the exploitation of Africa (especially because of diamonds) and against child soldiers.

The Soundtrack Blood Diamond from James Newton Howard was born on 26 January 2007 as the audio CD released. The CD is published by the Colosseum label and comprises 24 pieces.

The categorization as "German Film" refers to the participation of the German production company Lonely Film Productions GmbH & Co. KG.

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