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German title Reds
Original title Reds
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1981
length 188 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Warren Beatty
script Warren Beatty
Peter S. Feibleman
Trevor Griffiths
Elaine May
Jeremy Pikser
production Dede Allen
Warren Beatty
Simon Relph
music Dave grusin
Stephen Sondheim
Pierre Degeyter
camera Vittorio Storaro
cut Dede Allen
Craig McKay

Reds is a 1981 film that stars Warren Beatty and Diane Keaton . It was also shown on German television under the title Reds - A man fights for justice .


Warren Beatty plays the author John Reed , who in addition to his journalistic work is also actively involved in building socialist party structures in the USA (during and after the First World War ). The writer Louise Bryant , who was still married at the time, met Reed for the first time in 1915. Social-radical journalist Reed gave a lecture in Portland , Oregon, and she is intrigued by his idealism. He gets to know her and they both enter into an eventful relationship.

Bryant also wants to get away from the high society life that bores her. Bryant eventually left her husband and lived with Reed in Greenwich Village, New York City, where she met the left activist and artist scene. She also meets anarchist and writer Emma Goldman and Eugene O'Neill . They later move to Provincetown , Massachusetts to focus on writing. Bryant becomes a feminist. Reed takes part in strikes and protests by the Communist Labor Party of America - a forerunner of the Communist Party of the United States . Bryant begins a complicated affair with O'Neill while Reed is at the Democratic Convention in 1916. When Reed returns, he fights for Bryant and they get married and move to Croton-on-Hudson , north of New York City. But the relationship is difficult and Reed goes to Europe alone to work as a correspondent there.

Reed and Bryant meet again in Russia. Together you will also experience the days of the Bolshevik Revolution in Petrograd . After this stay, Reed wrote the book that made him famous: Ten days that shook the world .

Reed tries to bring the spirit of revolution to the United States, but is also disappointed with the policies of the Bolsheviks under Grigory Yevsejewitsch Zinoviev . After a brief arrest in Finland, he returned to Russia, where he met Bryant again. He dies of kidney disease.

The film's plot is repeatedly interrupted by short statements from contemporary witnesses who were still living at the time of production, including the teacher and peace activist Scott Nearing (1883-1983), the writer Dorothy Frooks (1896-1997) and the reporter George Seldes (1890 -1995).

German version

role actor Voice actor
John 'Jack' Reed Warren Beatty Christian Brückner
Louise Bryant Diane Keaton Traudel Haas
Max Eastman Edward Herrmann Lutz Riedel
Eugene "Gene" O'Neill Jack Nicholson Manfred Schott
Louis Fraina Paul Sorvino Heinz-Theo branding
Emma 'EG' Goldman Maureen Stapleton Christine Gerlach
Floyd Dell Max Wright Norbert Gescher
Pete van Wherry Gene Hackman Horst Niendorf


The film won in 1982 the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress ( Stapleton ), Best Cinematography and Best Director . The film was also nominated in the categories of Best Actor ( Beatty ), Best Supporting Actor ( Nicholson ), Best Actress ( Keaton ), Best Production Design ( Richard Sylbert ), Best Costume Design , Best Editing , Best Film , Best Sound and Best Original Screenplay .

Warren Beatty won the Golden Globe Award for directing in 1982 . The film also received Golden Globe Award nominations for Warren Beatty for Actor, for Jack Nicholson, for Diane Keaton, for Maureen Stapleton, for Screenplay and for Best Drama .

The Wiesbaden film evaluation agency awarded the production the rating of particularly valuable .

It is one of a series of only 15 films that was nominated for all Acting Oscars (Best Leading and Supporting Actor, Best Leading and Supporting Actress).


source rating
Rotten tomatoes
  • The lavish epic combines the history of the communist movement in the USA with the melodramatic love story between the hero and the beautiful Louise Bryant. On an additional documentary level, the film reflects the relationship between fiction and authentic memory. Played and staged brilliantly. - Lexicon of international film

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