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Charles Nelson (born April 15, 1901 in Sweden , † January 19, 1997 in Los Angeles ) was an American film editor .


Charles Nelson stood in 1937 at Columbia Pictures as an editor under contract and cut in the following years for the time being, numerous B movies . From 1943 he was also entrusted with larger film productions, including Zoltan Korda's war film Sahara (1943) with Humphrey Bogart and Charles Vidor's film noir Gilda (1946) with Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford . From 1955 he worked particularly often with director Richard Quine . Their joint productions include, among others, My Bride Is Supersensible (1958), Not With Me, My Lords (1959) and Strangers When We Meet (1960).

In 1946, Nelson received his first Oscar nomination for Best Editing for Charles Vidor's biopic Polonaise (1945), which starred Merle Oberon and Paul Muni . In 1956 he and William A. Lyon received the Oscar for Picnic (1955), a small-town drama starring William Holden and Kim Novak . Nelson was nominated again for an Oscar in 1966 for the western comedy Cat Ballou - Hang You Should Be in Wyoming (1965) with Jane Fonda .

In 1970, Charles Nelson retired from the film business. In 1992 he received the Career Achievement Award from the Society of American Cinema Editors for his life's work .

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