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Richard Quine (born November 12, 1920 in Detroit , Michigan , † June 10, 1989 in Los Angeles , California ) was an American actor , screenwriter , composer , producer and film director .

Richard Quine was already active as a child on the radio and in vaudeville productions and plays. In his early twenties he signed a studio contract with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and quickly played good supporting roles there. Quine served with the US Coast Guard during World War II . After his return from the war, his acting career turned out to be rather disappointing and he liked his work as assistant director on the film Leather Gloves , so that he began working as a film director from 1953. He worked with numerous big Hollywood stars and directed numerous films up into the 1970s, including in particular comedies such as My Bride is Psychic , Still Room Free and How Do You Kill Your Wife? .

Richard Quine was married to the actress Susan Peters from 1943 to 1948, then from 1951 to 1960 with Barbara Bushman - a granddaughter of the actor Francis X. Bushman - and from 1965 to 1970 with the actress Fran Jeffries . Kim Novak and Quine became a couple while filming Strangers When We Meet in 1959 . The futuristic house built in the film (by Carl Anderson and Ross Bellah ) was to be presented to Novak and Quine as a wedding gift after the filming was finished. However, since the marriage plans failed, Quine later moved into the house alone. In his fourth marriage, he was married to Diana Balfour from 1977 until his death. Richard Quine had three children.

In 1989, he committed suicide by a gunshot suicide after his health had previously been weak over the years.

Filmography (selection)

As an actor

As a director

  • 1953: A Bride in Every Harbor ( All Ashore )
  • 1953: Magic Nights of the Orient ( Siren of Bagdad )
  • 1955: My Sister Ellen ( My Sister Eileen )
  • 1956: All the longing of this world ( Full of Life )
  • 1956: The woman in golden Cadillac ( The Solid Gold Cadillac )
  • 1957: Seldom Laughed Like This ( Operation Mad Ball )
  • 1958: My Bride is Psychic ( Bell Book and Candle )
  • 1959: Not with me, gentlemen ( It Happened to Jane )
  • 1960: strangers when we meet ( Strangers When We Meet )
  • 1960: The World of Suzie Wong ( The World of Suzie Wong )
  • 1962: Still rooms available ( The Notorious Landlady )
  • 1964: Together in Paris ( Paris - When It Sizzles )
  • 1964: Sex and the Single Girl ( Sex and the Single Girl )
  • 1964: How do you kill your wife? ( How to Murder Your Wife )
  • 1966: The Hotel ( Hotel )
  • 1966: Oh, father, poor father, mother hang you in the closet and I'm very sick (Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mama's Hung You in the Closet and I'm Feeling So Sad)
  • 1969: A Talent for Loving
  • 1970: Whiskey brutal (The Moonshine War)
  • 1972–1973: Columbo (TV series, three episodes)
  • 1974: Madness - 'W' (W)
  • 1979: The Prisoner of Zenda (The Prisoner of Zenda)

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