Frank Sullivan (film editor)

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Frank Sullivan (born February 7, 1896 in Saint Paul , Minnesota , † September 30, 1972 in Los Angeles ) was an American film editor .


Sullivan was responsible for editing countless films for almost 30 years from the mid- 20s to the late 40s . His most famous silent films and later sound films included West Point , Mata Hari , Tarzan and his son and Tarzan, the defender of the jungle . For Johanna von Orleans he received an Oscar nomination for best editing in 1949. With Letter to Loretta in 1954, Sullivan first turned to the new medium of television and worked on several television films and series until 1962, including Johnny Ringo , The Bounty Hunter and West of Santa Fé .

Frank Sullivan was the younger brother of screenwriter C. Gardner Sullivan . He was married to Doris Sullivan and had two children with her.

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