Runaway: A Twist of Fate

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Runaway: A Twist of Fate
Runaway 3 logo.svg
Studio Péndulo Studios
Publisher Crimson Cow
Senior Developer Ramón Hernáez
composer Juan Miguel Martín Muñoz
November 18, 2009
platform Windows , Nintendo DS
genre Point-and-click adventure
Game mode Single player
control Mouse , keyboard
medium DVD-ROM , download
language German, English, French, Spanish
Age rating
USK released from 12
PEGI recommended for ages 12 and up

Runaway: A Twist of Fate is on November 18 published in 2009 point-and-click adventure in comic style. It was developed by the Spanish Péndulo Studios and is the continuation of the already published parts Runaway: A Road Adventure and Runaway 2 - The Dream of the Turtle .


The game continues the open plot of the second part, although it doesn't look like it at first: Physics student Brian Basco has been admitted to a psychiatric institution for the alleged murder of Colonel Nathaniel Kordsmeier (the opponent from Part 2) . At the same time, Gina Timmins , who has since been rescued, is seen attending Brian's funeral a little later, after he died while escaping from the psychiatric ward.

The player first controls Gina, who has to free Brian from the grave after he has sent her an SMS (apparently alive) . She doesn't find Brian, but his fellow inmate Gabbo , who helped Basco escape. Then both go together with Brian's psychiatrist Dr. Bennett , who joins the duo, to the house of Kordmeiers right hand Lieutenant Jerome Chapman (also known from Part 2), who is also dead in the meantime. Brian is also said to have murdered him, which is why the three are looking for clues to his innocence. When they finally find such evidence and clues about the motive of the opponents, Bennett is killed by unknown gangsters who have previously shadowed Gina. This and Gabbo manage to escape from their pursuers at the last second.

In between, the player also takes on the role of Brian and learns the background to his escape from the institution in the form of flashbacks .

In New York , Brian and Gina arrive independently of each other and in the role of Gina, Bennett's apartment finally tells us how the plot of part 2 went on: Brian reached the island lake on Mala through a hidden underwater tunnel that is otherwise only used by turtles where he ultimately reached the sunken Trantorian spaceship. He was able to give them back the Trantonit energy source, free Gina, enable the aliens to return to their home planet, and hand over Kordsmeier and his chief killer, Tarantula, to the authorities. But before he was arrested, Tarantula used a Trantorian device to kill Brian Kordsmeier and stole the Trantonite that the aliens had left behind as a gift.

Tarantula also commands the mercenaries and arrests everyone present: she wants to sell the Trantonite to the local mafia and also force Brian's judge Whitley to admit he is guilty. In this situation, Brian and Gina meet again and devise a distraction plan that ultimately ensures that the gang is arrested and Brian is pardoned.

Brian and Gina are ultimately united and - after they have outwitted a mafia courier and once more received millions - can finally go on with their (almost) normal life again.

Game principle and technology

Runaway: A Twist of Fate is a point-and-click adventure game . From Sprites composite characters act before hand-drawn, some animated scenes. The player can use the mouse to move his character through the locations and use the mouse buttons to initiate actions that allow the character to interact with his environment. The player can find objects and apply them to the environment or other objects and communicate with NPCs in multiple choice dialogs . As the story progresses, more locations will be unlocked.

Production notes

In spring 2014, the adventure was distributed again by German games magazines as a DVD supplement.

German voices

For the successor, the voice actors of the predecessors were hired for the main characters again. In addition, Patrick Bach , Peter Kirchberger , Svenja Pages and Achim Schülke will speak supporting characters. Actress Antje Roosch , who is also known as a voice actress, took on the role of directing the German .


publication Rating
Adventure meeting 90%
GameStar 86%
Metacritic 74

Runaway: A Twist of Fate received mostly positive reviews. Metacritic aggregates 15 reviews to a mean value of 79. GameStar magazine rated this part of the Runaway series with 86%. The trade magazine Adventure Gamers placed Runaway: A Twist of Fate 2011 in its list of Top 100 All-Time Adventure Games at number 98.

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