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Michael Chevalier (born May 14, 1933 in Berlin ; † 2006 ) was a German actor and voice actor . He was one of the most prominent German voice actors and is known to a wide audience as the voice of Charles Bronson , for example .

life and work

The trained actor Chevalier rarely appeared in the film and television media. He is most likely to be familiar to a wider audience through his TV role as a masseur for a soccer team in the youth series Manni, the Libero with Thomas Ohrner . Otherwise he was mostly seen in supporting roles, for example in Tausend Melodien (1956), the comedy Der doppelte Nötzli , the TV film Freund mit Rolls-Royce from the series about the cleaning lady Ada Harris with Inge Meysel or as a petty criminal in Edgar Wallace -Film adaptation of the zincer (1963) .

Nevertheless, Chevalier's distinctive voice was trusted by most moviegoers: From 1951 to the early 2000s, Chevalier was extensively involved in the dubbing business. For many famous colleagues he is the German standard dubbing voice, for example for Charles Bronson (standard dubbing voice, inter alia in Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod and on Udo Lindenberg's Cowboy Rocker ), Omar Sharif ( inter alia in Doktor Schiwago ), Richard Attenborough (in The Flight of the Phoenix ), Oliver Reed (most recently in Gladiator ), Steve McQueen ( Cincinnati Kid ), Richard Harris ( The Wild Geese Are Coming ), Dan Blocker ( Bonanza ) or William Conrad (in his TV series Cannon and Jake and McCabe - Through thick and thin ). He also synchronized numerous other stars in one or more film appearances, e.g. B. Paul Newman ( you want to be giants ), Marlon Brando ( The Island of Dr. Moreau ) or Sean Connery ( Zardoz ). He also loaned Charro! (German premiere on August 15, 1969) Elvis Presley his distinctive voice. With over 1200 dubbing roles, he was one of the busiest German-speaking voice actors.

From 2003 he withdrew from the synchronization work and the public. In 2004 he received the German Synchronous Award for his outstanding work . Chevalier was the grandson of the painter Friedrich Klein-Chevalier .

Filmography (selection)

Synchronous rollers (selection)

Charles Bronson

Oliver Reed

  • 1969: Hannibal Brooks as Brooks
  • 1978: The Prince and the Beggar as Miles Hendon
  • 1981: Omar Mukhtar - Lion of the Desert as Gen. Rodolfo Graziani
  • 1982: The Black Mamba as Dave Averconnelly
  • 1990: A Phantom in Monte Carlo as The Rajah
  • 1995: Funny Bones as Dolly Hopkins
  • 1998: Marco Polo and the Crusaders as Captain Cornelius Donovan
  • 2000: Gladiator as Proximo

Omar Sharif

Richard Harris

Robert Hoffmann

Robert Wagner

Warren Oates

  • 1964: The Montana Wild as Jace
  • 1973: Hunt for Dillinger as John Dillinger



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